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    ‘Love is in the air’ for Snoopy and his sidekick Woodstock

    ‘Love is in the air’ for Snoopy and his sidekick Woodstock

    Inspired by the authentic Peanut’s comic strip that debuted in 1950, global brand LeSportsac translates the spirit of beloved Snoopy into prints and graphics that even the beagle himself would backpack in.

    In collaboration with Peanuts Worldwide, the Fall 2015 collection celebrates 65 years of Charles M. Schulz’s characters. The collection debut also coincides with Snoopy’s birthday, as well as the highly anticipated 3D Peanuts movie from Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios.

    Featuring Snoopy and his sidekick Woodstock, the collection includes two prints: Snoopy Patchwork (created from original news print comic strips) and Snoopy Daisy (sweet dots of Snoopy, Woodstock and Daisies).

    Also offered are three tonal prints (Snoopy Solid Black, Snoopy Solid Blue, and Snoopy Solid Red) featuring silhouettes of the beagle in various funny poses. The Peanuts collection prints are sold in LeSportsac’s bestselling classic styles and include a collection-exclusive Snoopy zipper pull and label. All pieces have LeSportsac’s iconic 70’s 3-color grosgrain.

    A basic backpack silhouette comes alive with Snoopy Patchwork

    A basic backpack silhouette comes alive with Snoopy Patchwork

    LeSportsac continues its collaboration for Holiday 2015 that delivers a love letter to Peanuts with graphic pieces that showcase classic scenes. Totes that depict Snoopy and his sidekick, Woodstock, on top of Snoopy’s iconic doghouse, a crossbody that holds Snoopy hugging Woodstock, and small cosmetics that are statements of Peanuts happiness and love are included in the collection.

    Two new prints are also introduced in tonal colors ways: Snoopy Shuffle Cream and Snoopy Shuffle Black. An additional print, the colorful Snoopy Mini, will also be offered.

    The season’s assortment also includes graphic pieces inspired by the new 3D animated film, The Peanuts Movie. These exclusive styles fly Snoopy and his doghouse over Paris and feature the sweet friendship of the comic strip’s best of friends, Snoopy and Woodstock.


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