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It took quite a while before showbiz newcomer Gil Cuerva was finally introduced to the showbiz press. This, even as it was announced as early as December 2016 that he had been chosen as Jennylyn Mercado’s leading man in the Filipino adaptation of the phenomenal Korean hit “My Love from the Star.”

In fact, Gil only sat down for an interview a couple of weeks short of his primetime series’ debut tonight, with another appearance at the show’s grand launch on Friday last week.

In the T-Zone’s Q&A with the 21-year-old Spanish-Filipino we finally got why Gil took his sweet time.

With a quiet mystery about him, the long-haired 5’11” hombre said, “I’ve had to transition to being an actor from modeling. I slowly had to let go of [my former craft]until I finally decided to leave it behind and pursue acting full time.”

In coming to terms with his career shift, Gil said he also wanted to make sure he was ready to conduct interviews “showbiz style” before finding the confidence to face the press.

Gil Cuervo

“I have a very private family and of course I want keep it that way, including the most important people in my life,” he explained, practically giving away he has girlfriend. He only smiled when asked for confirmation.

To be clear, Gil said he is ready for everything that comes with showbiz—controversies included—but in the same way that he prepared and continues to learn for his role as the Filipino Matteo Do, he simply wants to present himself in the best way possible as he strives to carve his name in the industry.

“There’s an immense amount of pressure in proving my worth,” he said of being giving a lead role on his very first television project. “I understand this thing isn’t overnight. I won’t be a good actor on the get go, or a smooth interviewee from the very start, but I am very eager and willing to embrace the process.”

Gil is more familiar to the fashion set and fans of glossy magazines as he has been a print model ever since he was in college at the Ateneo de Manila University. Learning to find his edge in the modeling industry, he grew his hair just as the androgynous trend emerged—where male models dressed up in women’s clothes for print ads, look books, magazine editorials and vice versa—and landed extended gigs in Hong Kong and Thailand.

He was about to begin another months-long modeling placement in Thailand when he found out he got the part of Matteo Domingo across TV star and box-office actress Jennylyn Mercado for the soap. Obviously, he went for it and the rest makes up the early history of new career.

“I’d say my entry into showbiz had a lot to do with luck, but like I said, now that I’m here, I’m going to work hard to prove my worth.”


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