Getting passive income while building a career



Everybody knows that it is smart to have discipline in handling your personal finances, but many of us still have difficulty in doing it.

A lot of expenses like electricity, water bills, rent, other monthly dues as well as things you badly want but hard to afford, responsibility to family and so on pressure us to think of ways to find income sources aside from our day job.

There was an instance when I was a fresh graduate I sold perfumes to friends and in bazaars to earn the money to buy my dream Nikon D3200 as I found photography interesting. It took me a long time and a lot of energy to finally buy my dream DLSR.

It was hard because I had a full-time job. I had to work after office hours and on weekends in my small side business to earn the extra income I needed. This was the time I realized that I have to think of ways that required less time and energy to earn money, so that I can still focus in my career. Thus, I decided eventually to venture into passive income investments.

I consulted my friends who were stockbrokers as well as did research and I began investing in stock market through COL Financial. After two years of investment with almost no effort, I was happy that I have generated a decent amount of additional income.

If you are too risk averse to invest in stocks, you may try other investments like bonds and mutual funds. There are many good financial institutions that will fit your financial goals. These are safer compared with investing in the stock market. Most of my friends who are too risk-averse are making this kind of investment.

Instead of putting your savings in your personal bank account with very low interest rate, you may want to invest your money, which depreciates due to inflation, for better returns. Just make sure you will leave some funds for emergency purposes for you to avoid being short of funds.

You might also want to invest in other small business ventures. If you have a friend who might need a capital for his business, you may want to become one of his investors.

This way, you can get a share the profit the business makes or just have a decent interest rate from the money you invested. If you will go for this kind of investment, just make sure that the person you are investing your money with is trustworthy and also evaluate if the business is going to be profitable. You can check some of the government data, which can help you, evaluate the business.

The best time to invest is always now. Never stop and be afraid in looking for other income sources for you and your family’s financial growth and stability.

Luis Tan Jr. is the Marketing Manager of, a financial comparison website aiming to help Filipinos save money through diligent comparisons of financial products.



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