• Getting into the seat sale season



    Seat sales for passengers have been popping up left and right over the past few days. I understand why most people would opt to wait for such seat sales before buying tickets. Who can resist grabbing an almost 70 percent or even 90 percent discount just days before the start of the summer season? But let us not totally throw caution to the wind when we shop around for our next trip’s flight in an impulse.

    It would be a big waste if you got the ticket and be unable to use it. Some people whom I personally know just buy them for the sake of availing themselves of the discount. That actually happens, in much the same way a shopper impulsively jumps at a flash sale just to get that extra trinket or any such fancy freebie that comes along with the purchase.

    Another factor to consider is the income you lose when you decide to go on an unpaid leave for days if you are employed. If your daily rate is P1,000—P2,000 and your seat sale ticket is P500, you actually lose P500—P1,500 during the first day of your leave. Try to do that sparingly.

    Booking seats from such sales can also include stretching your stay in your place of destination because the flights during weekdays typically cost less than we you book them on weekends.

    A good practice would be to prepare a list of your desired destinations at the start of the year or prior to looking for seat sales. This can guide you in buying the tickets that you really need. I personally do this so that in the face of multiple tempting seat sales from the airline companies, I only book two to three times a year from such sales to minimize the cost of the trips and avoid unnecessary travel.

    Take into consideration the other expenses that you would incur if you buy tickets on impulse – the process does not end at paying for the airfare. Check also if you can book a hotel that offers a discount, or if you can buy deal vouchers for dining around your hotel area.

    So many opportunities to travel come because of our easy access to booking flights such as via seat sales. The key to making the most of such situations is to plan the trips and avoid impulse flight buying just for the thrill of grabbing a great deal.

    Kristel Silang is content manager at MoneyMax.ph, a financial comparison website aiming to help Filipinos save money through diligent comparisons of financial products.


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