Gigi Reyes transactions show dealings with Napoles


A total of 323 bank accounts were frozen by the Court of Appeals (CA) including 38 accounts of the former chief of staff of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, whose bank transactions show dealings with suspected pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles.

This is contained in the 43-page Resolution of the CA former second division after it was petitioned by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

It was stated that the testimony of witness Benhur Luy’s records matched the withdrawals from the JLN Corporation of Napoles.

Luy’s record stated that on June 11, 2010, P30 million was encashed from JLN Corp. Acct. 3-073-52390-8 under Metrobank.

In the bank documents obtained by AMLC, “the above transaction matched the Statement of Account from Metrobank which stated that P30 million was debited from JLN Corp.’s Metrobank Account No. 3-073-52390-8 on 11 June 2010.”

“On the same date, same amount was transferred to JLN Corp.’s Metrobank Account No. 035-3-03566282-1, as shown by an Application for Fund Transfer dated 11 June 2010, and was withdrawn shortly thereafter,” it says.

The four former lawmakers whose assets were frozen by the CA are former Rep. Edgar Valdez of APEC party-list with 33 bank accounts, former Rep. Rodolfo Plaza of Agusan del Sur with 73, former Rep. Samuel Dangwa of Benguet with 40, and former Rep. Constantino Jaraula of Cagayan de Oro with 44 bank accounts.

With the chiefs of staff, aside from Reyes, the chief of staff of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, Ruby Chan Tuason, had 96 bank accounts frozen along with co-staff Pauline Labayen with 13 bank accounts; Richard Cambe, the chief of staff of Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., two bank accounts; Jose Sumalpong, the chief of staff of Rep. Rizaline Seachon-Lenete, whose six bank accounts were frozen and Erwin Dangwa with 17 bank accounts frozen.

The CA document shows that with Tuason, the AMLC confirmed all of the transactions after the examination of Metrobank documents, except the April 6, 2010 transaction.

“A Metrobank deposit slip dated 2 February 2007 showed that LandBank Check No. 550970 for P5 million was deposited to PASED’s Metrobank Acccount No. 255-3-25503938-6. On 5 February 2002, P4.892 was withdrawn from said acccount,” it stated.

In the meantime, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that the National Bureau of Investigation is not yet ready with the filing of the second batch of pork barrel scam suspects before the Office of the Ombudsman.


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  1. Stanley Farmer on

    When will the corruption and government sanctioned criminal activity stop. Wow when will the people of the earth wake up and put the true criminals in jail or subject them to the same lifestyle they have subjected us all to. This must cease and every corrupt politician in the world put in prison for life with no chance for parole. Then the future politicians will never commit these crimes again! Until the world gets serious about some real punishment for these criminals this will never stop. Unless we seize everything they have ever owned and give it to the people they have robbed they will continue to live like kings when they are just common thieves!

  2. Perhaps the reporter missed out on some details related to the title or headline. It says, Reyes’ accounts shows dealings with Napoles but in the details, there is no mention of money transfers to Reyes’ accounts. What is stated are fund transfers from one JLN acct to another with the last being that the money was withdrawn. Where it went, nobody knows!

    • I agree. Where’s the trail linking Gigi Reyes and the other names against the withdrawals? Mr. Canlas or Mr. Manila Times editor, can you tell us that? I’m not batting for her, but, I’m just interested to know.

  3. Gigi Reyes, Ruby Tuazon, et. al. and all their politico bosses deserve to be clamped behind bars for a very long time for utter lack of COMMON SENSE!

    How could they not have thought for a moment that banking transactions inevitably leave PAPER TRAILS that AMLC would inevitably track?

    But perhaps . . . unlike Napoles . . . they did not have enough bathtubs in their mansions to try to ‘LAUNDER’ all those billions.