• Gigi Reyes transferred to Heart Center


    Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes was admitted to the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City on Friday night after she experienced chest pains and difficulty in breathing, media reports said on Saturday.

    Reyes, one of the accused in a plunder case stemming from the pork barrel scam, was transferred to the Heart Center from the Taguig Pateros District Hospital in Taguig City, where she had been confined since last Wednesday.

    She was briefly detained at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig where she was transferred from the Sandiganbayan holding cell.

    Lawyers of the 51-year-old former chief of staff of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile had objected to her being detained at Camp Bagong Diwa, saying she had to share her cell with captured communist rebels who are “hostile” to Enrile, who was defense minister during the martial law years.

    She was taken to the district hospital after she had a panic attack and seizure, police authorities said.

    Reyes was too ill to attend her arraignment at the Sandiganbayan on Friday, but in a three-page motion she requested to be confined either at the Heart Center or the Santa Ana Hospital in Manila.

    In a medical abstract accompanying the motion, Dr. Anthony Lontoc of the district hospital said Reyes complained of persistent palpitations accompanied by lightheadedness and syncopal attack shortly after she arrived at the hospital.

    Lontoc recommended that Reyes “be transferred to a tertiary hospital capable of evaluating her cardiac condition and assess her neurological status.”

    On Saturday, demonstrators gathered outside the Heart Center to protest condemned the special treatment for Reyes. On Saturday morning, Enrile, who is detained at the Philippine National Police (PNP) General Hospital in Camp Crame, had another eye check-up at the Asian Eye Institute in Makati City.

    The 90-year-old senator had his first check-up last week, shortly after surrendering to the authorities to face the plunder charge.

    Charged with him before the Sandiganbayan are fellow senators Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla.

    A police ambulance brought Enrile to the eye clinic at the upscale Rockwell Plant.

    The director of the PNP health service, Chief Supt. Alejandrino Advincula, said the check-up lasted 30 minutes. The senator was brought back to the PNP hospital at around 8 a.m.

    Advincula said the PNP hospital does not have an eye specialist or the equipment to treat Enrile’s eye problem, diagnosed earlier as muscular degeneration due to his age and could lead to blindness if not treated properly.

    Doctors at the PNP general hospital said Enrile also has an “uncontrolled” hypertension. which makes it risky to have him moved at the custodial center where Estrada and Revilla are detained.

    Enrile has filed a petition before the Sandiganbayan seeking for a hospital arrest, the court sent a team from the Philippine General Hospital to evaluate his medical condition.
    The team will submit its report to the Sandiganbayan on Monday.

    Anthony Vargas and MEDIA REPORTS


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    1. For an ordinary filipinos, those medical terms given as a cause for hospital confinement instead of a regular prison would not understand easily. But those in the know would understand that those were normal reactions and anxiety. Or are they being given as an excuse to go to regular prisons! Noloko nyo na ang taong bayan sa pagkakamkam ninyoi ng pera ng taong bayan ngayon ginagago nyo nanaman kami???? Nung nasa poder at kapangyarihan kayo magawa nyo kayang kaawaan o bigyan ng patas na trato man lang ang humihingi ng tulong, pakiusap o awa sa inyo??????

    2. You didnt mention that staying with her in the hospital are her mother & 2 siblings. Now if that isnt special treatment what is. So she is frightened of some of the people in the jail & thats why she doesnt want to stay there. Well woopie do, who cares, stop stealing money from this country & you wouldnt have gone to jail. Every single time a prominent person gets detained for a crime they are always sick, before that they are fine & carry on regardless. Do you think its any different with the normal poor people. They are also sick when they go to jail as they are also very scared but do they get special treatment, no of course they dont, people of the philippines stand up to these incompetent people who want to give special treatment to these super criminals & make a change where they actually get treated worse than normal criminals as their crimes are far far worse than lots of normal prisoners.

    3. Pete Gabriel on

      She is a scammer and she is scamming now! Why do we always fall for this scammers tricks. Any body that has been living high on the hog for a long time at the expense of the Filipino people’s money should be wetting their pants in fear, that is but natural. Keep her in jail along with the other common criminal population, that is where she belongs.