• Gil Cuerva: The accidental Filipino Mateo Do



    It has only been a few days since the primetime premier of “My Love From The Star” but new actor Gil Cuerva already owns the character of Mateo Do. Proof to this are the shrieks of admiration that Gil gets wherever he goes. Moreover, fans no longer call him by his name but by his mysterious alien character’s.

    Comfortable as he is in playing Mateo onscreen—thanks to his long, sleek hair that adds mystery to his on and off-screen persona—Gil still considers himself as an accidental Mateo Do. As it turned out, the actor had the desire to enter the business through directing, not acting.

    Not too long ago, Gil was enjoying his life as a model in Hong Kong. He was in no rush to take actions to become a director, after all he is only 21 years old. But fate had a another, or shall we say better, plan for him.

    “I have been a fan of Direk Joyce Bernal for so long. I have seen her movies and I really admire her work. I was in Manila when I was told that there was an audition for the role of Mateo Do and that Direk Joyce will conduct it. That got my curiosity,” the young looker recalled to Showbuzz on the sidelines of his “Unang Hirit” appearance.

    “I agreed to do the audition because I was dying to meet her in person and ask her so many things about directing,” he reiterated.

    Of course, Gil got the part but, he did not say yes right away.

    “I was happy because I would be working with Direk Joyce but I was also thinking about the modeling assignments that I would have to let go. After much thinking, I decided that My Love From The Star is an opportunity that I should not let pass,” Gil revealed.

    Gil Cuerva

    After weeks of taping with Direk Joyce, Gil is so proud to say that he got a very good friend in her. “She is my friend, my teacher, my guide. I have become very close to her that I can engage her in a conversation any time, I can ask her questions and, like a teacher, she patiently answers me and explain to me a lot of things. If only for that, I can say that I made the right decision in doing My Love From The Star.”

    An opportunity to work with Jennylyn Mercado was also a big factor why Gil is now the Filipino Mateo Do. During Gil’s audition, Jen was there, even throwing lines with him.

    The actress’ kindness caught Gil’s attention, “She was so patient in doing that scene with me. She’s a big star but she never made me feel that she is a star. Even when we started taping, she’s so easy to get along with. In the beginning, I was kind of shy but she has a way of making people comfortable. Now, we can have personal talks and we can discuss a lot of things like the UFC fights that we both enjoy. We’re already in that stage where we can have casual conversations. She’s happy to work with,” Gil said.

    Watching Gil now on the set of My Love From The Star is a delight. Showbuzz was there during his first taping day and one could tell he was trying to do well in a field that is new, if not strange, to him. He was so quiet on the set but his co-stars, the production and yes, Direk Joyce were so kind to him making sure that he was comfortable.

    Today, Gil is having fun on the set, striking a good conversation with his co-stars and exchanging jokes with the staff and crew. “They’re like my family now. I enjoy being with them,” the new actor quipped.

    Gil admits that he still has a lot to learn this does not bother him as he knows he is in good hands with his new family. In a short time, Gil learned to embrace and love his new career and just like anything that he tries his hands on, he wants to excel in. He wants to absorb every experience, good or bad, and make use of them in life whether on camera or off.

    The question now is, what about his modeling career? “I have done a lot of modeling works in different Asian countries. I consider my modeling career on hold at the moment. I know I can always go back. For now, my focus is in my acting career which, I can say, is my new love, my new passion,” Gil finally shared.

    * * *

    Showbuzz saw nothing short of glamorous during Revlon Professionals’s special evening—the ladies were all dolled-up. Not surprisingly, this columnist bumped into three of GMA’s loveliest, sexiest and sassiest girls—Max Collins, Andrea Torres and Lindsay De Vera who took part in the hair show.

    “You know us women, when it comes to hair and make-up, it’s like our life,” Andrea explained.

    “And as artistas, we believe that we have to look our best. People are always watching us so looking good is a requirement for us,” Lindsay said in agreement.

    (From left) Max Collins, Andrea Torres and Lindsay De Vera

    Both Andrea and Lindsay were part if the highly successful GMA primetime series “Alyas Robinhood.” It’s been three months since the high-rating show has ended but the two actresses still have hung-over of the series. In fact, they both wish that the show would have a book 2.

    “Alyas Robinhood was open-ended. Meaning, the story can have a continuation. Marami pang pwedeng mangyari, marami pang characters na pwedeng pumasok. Everybody in the cast actually is hoping that the show will really have a part 2,” Andrea said.

    “I’m one of those who’s praying na magkaroon ng book two. You see, we at Alyas Robinhood have developed that closeness where we are already a family. Until now, we still get in touch with one another. I’m sure, pag nagsama-sama ulit kami, grabe pa lalo ang magiging bonding,” Lindsay added.

    Come to think of it, why not a second book for Alyas Robinhood? Since this is a GMA original, it will be easy for network to do a part two. And yes, Dingdong Dantes’ character Pepe or Alyas Robinhood is well loved by the public and they will surely enjoy watching Alyas Robinhood with a different story, with new nemesis and with exciting new twists.

    * * *

    Even if Max Collins is already engaged to Pancho Magno, she can still go out with friends like Andrea, to events like the Revlon hair show. Max made it clear that Pancho is not the dominant type of a boyfriend. Because both of them are in showbiz, they understand the demands if their career.

    It has actually been a year since Pancho made a proposal but it was only lately when the couple came into the open about their engagement. To the question when their wedding will be, Max cannot give an answer.

    “Wala pa, no definite date yet, wala pang venue. We will let you know, of course. The reason why we admitted that we’re engaged is not because we’re getting married soon but because we thought that we are ready,” Max explains.

    According to Max, they couple talk about details of their wedding every now and then but they have yet to sit down and discuss it seriously. Both of them are still so busy with their respective acting career—Pancho has just finished Encantadia while Max has just wrapped-up shooting Mike De Leon’s new movie Citizen Jake.

    Speaking of the Mike De Leon, how was it working with the legend?

    “Wow,” exclaimed Max. “It was amazing! It was really fun. Napakabait niya and he really lets is experiment in the set. We got to play our characters the way we wanted to play them. We had freedom to interpret the scenes, the characters. I can say it’s really good to work with him because he’s very serious about his craft, very professional, very passionate.”

    Max considers herself really blessed to have worked with Mike De Leon as she knows it is every Filipino actor’s dream to work with him .

    * * *

    SHORTS… So separation of an actor (AA) and his discoverer-manager (DM) was not peaceful. It was AA who initiated the talk when he visited DM at home. When AA told DM that he wants out of his management, DM was so shocked and mad that he threw his bag to the AA’s face.

    “Wala siyang utang na loob. Bihira nga niya akong bigyan ng commission at hindi ako nagrereklamo tapos ngayon iiwan n’yan ko! Tingnan natin kung pwede sa bagong manager niya yung hindi siya magbi­bigay ng komisyon. If it’s not for me, saan kaya siya pupulutin?” The DM said

    … Kris Bernal’s “Impostora” is airing very soon. It is occupying one of the slots In GMA afternoon prime block. To this, Kris is so excited, “You’ll see the new Kris Bernal in Impostora, the way you have not seen me in any project that I have done,” she promised.


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