Gil Cuerva’s star rises


It has been six weeks now since inexperienced actor Gil Cuerva took on a primetime lead role as Matteo Domingo in GMA Network’s adaptation of the hit Korean TV series, “My Love from the Star.” While his fans have grown accustomed to his portrayal of an alien trying to live harmoniously with humans, his critics are far from being appeased.

From the time it was announced he landed the Filipino equivalent of Korean superstar Kim Soo-hyun’s character up until the show’s premiere on May 29, Cuerva has had to endure a good deal of criticisms. There were many who said a newcomer like him does not deserve a leading man role. Others proposed a long list of names whom they believe could do the job better.

The actor-turned-model is aware of people’s comments on his acting INSTAGRAM PHOTOS

Having award-winning actress Jennylyn Mercado for a leading lady did not help either as his bashers said the pairing would only showed his weaknesses in the acting department.

But despite all these negative comments, the 21-year-old chooses to see the glass half-full.

“I see the criticisms, I read all of them and I believe it’s important to hear them. But there’s a difference between hearing and listening. When you listen, you filter out what you want to register in your head. But when you hear, you acknowledge the noise and the sound.

“So when people make comments about my acting and my look, I hear them but I choose which ones to listen—the ones which will help me be better as an actor,” Cuerva told The Manila Times during a media roundtable.

Not wanting to sound arrogant with his answer, Cuerva clarified he is very much aware of his weaknesses.

“I am really far from being a great actor; there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done,” Cuerva divulged.

As such, Cuerva further noted that he is taking all the steps to attain his goal to do better in his young acting career.

“My only focus right know is trying to get better, it’s not even about trying to do good or nail the part. For me, right now it’s just trying to make—and for me this is the most important part—progress and I do that through all the workshops and through acting coaching,” Cuerva shared.

One such proof of his determination to do so was Holy Week 2017 where instead of going out of town or out of the country for vacation as he normally would, Cuerva chose to stay in the city and undergo one-on-one character and scene studies with his director, Joyce Bernal.

Nowadays, if the comments his newfound fans leave on his Instagram account @gilcuerva would be the basis, it looks like the neophyte actor’s sacrifices are paying off.

With the help of his co-star Jennylyn Mercado, his acting coach and director Joyce Bernal, Gil Cuerva is focused on improving his acting skills

“Gil you are improving a lot. Just continue to hone your craft and you’ll be the next matinee idol. I hope @GMANetwork will really take good care of you…Aja!” user @bibotlee wrote.

“In fairness, for a newbie, Gil is good! If given more projects mas mag-i-improve pa sya,” @lady_shiela30 commented.

“Keep it up.. Ang galing mo na umarte, konting push na lang,” @ladyjhemjhem encouraged Cuerva.

The Filipino-Spanish looker promised that fans can look forward to more projects from him after signing up as a GMA Artist for the next five years. He openly said he hopes one of those projects would be his big screen debut.

“This show is a good platform and opportunity for me but hopefully, later on, I can venture into films. I feel like there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to doing movies,” Cuerva noted.

Having said that, the young actor confessed he sees himself eventually working behind the camera.

“I really consider myself as a story-maker. When you are a director and you work behind the scene—you’re the story maker. But when you’re the actor, you’re the story teller. I am more of a story maker. And while this opportunity of being a story teller is a great way to get into the industry it’s been more of my intention to know more about film and directing and cinematography versus becoming an actor,” Cuerva confessed.

Finally, Cuerva, asked how his first two months on cam had been, replied, “In terms of scheduling, taping days, how long taping is, basically the workload, I am OK now. But with regard to atmosphere, to the attention and environment, that’s something I still need to adjust to. It’s a process and it doesn’t happen overnight.”


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