Gina Dilay denies Tulfo allegations


WE write on behalf of our client, MRS. GINA DILAY, in response to the article of Mr. Erwin Tulfo published in your newspaper on 1 March 2015 entitled “PNR Boss’ Wife, a DOTC Contractor?” In his article, Mr. Tulfo made damaging imputations against our client.

We categorically and unequivocally deny all the allegations stated in his column. To set the record straight, neither Mrs. Dilay nor the companies under the JAD Group has participated in any projects of the PNR, the LRTA, or any agency under the Department of Transportation and Communication long before Mrs. Dilay’s husband, Mr. Joseph Allan Dilay, was appointed as General Manager of the PNR in October 2013. The companies under the JAD Group, where Mrs. Dilay currently sits as Senior Executive and/or Director, are engaged in overseas business and projects and are not involved in projects implemented by agencies of the Philippine Government.

While we respect Mr. Tulfo’s prerogative to write articles in the manner that he sees fit, we find it unfortunate that he did not even afford Mrs. Dilay the opportunity to explain her side before publishing the aforementioned article. Given that Mr. Tulfo relied on anonymous sources, thereby making it difficult to determine the veracity of his allegations, it is only fair and reasonable to allow Mrs. Dilay to refute the claims that are undoubtedly damaging to her reputation and to the goodwill of the companies under the JAD Group. Rest assured that, as Mrs. Dilay’s legal counsel, we are ready to exercise all available legal remedies to protect the interest of our client.

We hope that the foregoing sheds light on the matter.

By: Maria Rosario L. Bernardo
Ray-an Francis V. Baybay


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