• Girl, 7, ‘raped’ by own father inside Bilibid


    A seven-year-old girl was alleged to have been raped by her own father inside the maximum security compound of the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila) in the evening of January 1.

    A television report, however, said the girl was abused by a fellow inmate of her father.

    But a reliable source told The Manila Times on Friday that the alleged rapist was the girl’s own father, Norvin Dasigan Domingo, 52, with prison identification number N212P.

    The incident was not immediately reported by the newly designated NBP acting Superintendent Richard Schwarzkopf and the maximum security compound officer-in-charge, Inspector Generoso Faelnar.

    Domingo was immediately transferred to the secluded cell of the minimum security compound, but not after he was nearly killed by Sputnik gang members who learned of the incident.

    The victim was rescued by maximum security guards, but was in trauma until Friday.

    The source said the victim was brought in by her mother who was on a conjugal visit.

    The incident took place around 7 p.m, and it was not yet clear where the mother was at the

    The suspect was allegedly under the influence of illegal drugs.

    The rape victim was brought to the NBP Hospital after she was rescued by members of the security patrol unit.

    The incident was still under investigation and probers were still determining who would be made liable for the breach of security.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima rushed to the NBP in the afternoon and scolded NBP officials.

    Just recently, 20 convicts who were removed from the NBP after some of them were discovered living in luxurious cells complete with amenities, including recording studios, and in possession of illegal drugs, jewelry and cash.

    Meanwhile, Tanauan City (Batangas) Mayor Antonio Halili called on Robin Padilla not to push through with the actor’s plan to film the life of NBP inmate Herbert “Ampang” Colangco, one of the 20 transferred to the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation,saying the life of the drug lord convict is not a good example to the youth.

    Halili said mayors, including himself, all over the country have been fighting drug addiction to the point of receiving death threats.

    “Our youth might think that you can engage in bad activities like illegal drugs and make millions of money. That you can live in luxury even in jail and be a hero,” the mayor pointed out.

    He said Padilla should instead make movies of Filipinos who have been in the forefront of fighting drug addiction like Davao City Mayor Rudy Duterte.
    In November last year, authorities raided the cells of known drug lords at the maximum security compound of NBP.
    Among the contrabands found in the cell of Colangco were shabu, cash and recordingequipment, including jewelry and branded wristwatches.

    Colangco, reports said, was even able to stage a concert in a premier casino.

    Padilla did a remake of the biopic of national hero Andres Bonifacio at the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival.

    The film won various awards, including Best Film.

    According to him, several Tanauan City employees were dismissed from the service last year after failing random drug tests.


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    1. Ive read this report in your column & in the daily enquirer & one of you have got it very wrong. They inquirer says it was another inmate not the father & that she wasnt actually raped. I dont know which of you have it right but for one of you its veryy poor reporting. Maybe you would like to ring the enquirer & sort it out with them & then whoever has it wrong the other could publish how they get the right information whilst other papers get it very wrong.