Girls galore!


The power of celebrities is still unbeatable in this marketing-driven world of consumerism, and this week, The Manila Times covered the launching of girls galore as the brand new faces of very familiar labels. Who they are and why they were chosen are all here for the reading today.


A ‘FreshLook’ at Julia’s eyes
Here’s a fresh piece of trivia on young teleserye royalty Julia Montes: She’s been wearing contact lenses since she was 9 years old!

The star of ABS-CBN’s highly successful prime time series Walang Hanggang—and yes, the apple of leading man Coco Martin’s eye—has always been nearsighted with a grade of 300 and 400 on her left and right eye, respectively.

Amazingly, when she cries in her soaps and movies, there is nary a hint of eye problems.

“Even before this endorsement, I’ve always been wearing Alcon’s FreshLook daily contact lenses because unlike the other brands I’ve tried, they’ve always felt comfortable, and they’ve never given me problems over dryness even during long tapings and shoots. I can even cry with them!” shared the statuesque beauty who just turned 18 in March. “I guess that’s why they got me because I’ve always been a loyal customer.”

Coinciding with her launch as FreshLook brand ambassador on Thursday at Torch restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan, was the introduction of Alcon’s newest product, Dalies FreshLook Illuminate contact lenses, which is especially developed to “provide the 4C’s of Asian Eye Beauty.” These are: centration, convenience, comfort and color.

“My stylists always tells me that the best accessory a girl can every have are her eyes; and if you notice, these contact lenses make my eyes naturally bigger and more vibrant. Parang mas bilog na bilog yung mata ko diba?” added the half-German, half-Filipino beauty.

Asked if she is an “eyes” kind of gal, she replied, “The eyes are very important to me as an actress. Minsan, konting galaw lang ng mata, ang dami nang emotions na naipapakita. And, yes, the eyes are also the first thing I look at when I meet someone for the first time.”

Pressed to reveal whose eyes in show business she has eyed, she giggled and enumerated, “Coco Martin, Aga Muhlach and Enrique Gil.”

Truly happy with how her career has been going, especially in the last year, the former Goin’ Bulilit talent told The Manila Times that she sees herself these days like “a cup overflowing.”

“Lahat nito, panaginip lang noon, but to have movies and soap operas with some of the best actors in the industry, talagang super grateful ako and super happy,” she confided.

So where will Julia Montes’ eyes laugh, cry and love next?


Anne-derarm secrets
It’s no secret that Anne Curtis is perhaps one, if not, the most popular among today’s local celebrities. With her ever-increasing number of endorsements, over four million Twitter followers and more than 50 different Facebook fan pages are dedicated to her—two of which are solely dedicated to her famous body parts, her lips and underarms.

The Facebook page named “Kili-kili ni Anne Curtis,” has already drawn almost 9,000 followers since it was created in 2010 and is dedicated to pictures of her immaculate underarms every time she performs the daily noontime show It’s Showtime.

The popularity of her underarms made her an easy choice as the Belo Medical Group’s endorser for Belo Essentials Beauty Deo, its new whitening and anti-perspirant underarm deodorant.

Following a glamorous launch event held at the TriNoma Activity Center in Quezon City, which saw Anne parading down the ramp in a top-down Ferrari, while singing “Diamonds,” the ever-bubbly Anne sat down with the press and shared her beauty secrets.

“I was surprised when I first learned that my underarms had a Facebook fan page, and though I find it amusing I am also touched that my fans will go out of their way to find pictures of me and my underarms,” she said smiling.

“I grew up with Belo, and they’ve taken care of all my beauty needs since my teen years, and I’ve never had to look for anything else. They offer so many products and services, so it was very easy for me to find the perfect match for myself, especially in caring for my skin.”

In creating the Belo Beauty Deo, dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr. Vicki Belo asked her daughter, Cristalle, to come up with an underarm deodorant that does not cause skin to darken as it is one of the most common problems that she has encountered.

“In my career of 23 years, most of my female clients want to have perfectly smooth white underarms, and I would tell them, ‘you have to choose, either to botox your armpits because deodorants make your armpits darker.’ So I have been looking for a deodorant like this to recommend to my patients because, in a hot country such as ours, we all need an anti-perspirant deodorant,” Dr. Belo began.

“Unfortunately most deodorants can darken armpits because it has aluminum chloride, without any whitening. So ang nangyayari, aluminum, nakaka-rust, with the combination of perspiration and aluminum chloride, umiitim lalo yung armpits.”

The result is Belo Essentials Beauty Deo, which is alcohol-free and hypoallergenic to prevent further skin darkening and kojic acid to help whiten underarms.

“We’re very proud of how far Belo Essentials has come in creating effective and affordable beauty products,” added Cristalle who also serves as Belo Essentials managing director.

She added they chose Anne because she “epitomizes the elegance, confidence and simplicity that Belo Essentials is all about.”


Jodi’s faith in love
We see her every day as the love struck Maya, in the hit TV series Please Be Careful with My Heart, but in real life, actress Jodi Sta. Maria is a bit more cautious about taking love to the next step.

At the launch of the new Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets, which she endorses with seven-year-old son Thirdy, Jodi flatly denied rumors that she and her boyfriend, Cavite Vice Governor-elect Jolo Revilla, have plans of getting married.

“Like I said before, I have never lost faith in love, but marriage is a different thing. It’s a different story, and right now, hindi pa ako ready,” she told reporters.

Jodi also seems to be taking things as they come with regards to her career. When asked by The Manila Times what kind of roles she wants do after the TV series, Jodi says she hasn’t thought of it yet as she is clearly focused on developing the character of Maya.

She says she doesn’t know until when her phenomenal series with Richard Yap, a.k.a. Sir Chief), will air on ABS-CBN, adding won’t mind going back to supporting roles as long as it is a good one.

“I didn’t expect the show to be this successful. I was OK na to do supporting roles basta I get to en-joy what I want to do which is acting.”

Another thing she enjoys is being a mother to Thirdy, whom she admits exposing to the showbiz world. “OK lang sa kanya to do commercials, but ayaw pa niya maging artista,” she shared.

She brings Thirdy to all her trips so they get to be together at all times. Her balancing act as an actress and mother has earned her the admiration of colleagues and fans alike, making her an ideal endorser of Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets.

“We all know that kids can be a bit difficult to feed sometimes. Their food choices are not exactly healthy, but moms will often give in to them so that they will eat the food that is served to them. With Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets, moms are assured that the food they serve is good for their kids,” Jodi ended.


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