• Give her an executive post


    THE top supporters and close associates of Mr. Duterte are justified when they boast and gloat on how the Duterte presidency will be different from the rest. Fully understandable, too, as the hangover from the big win is still there, a sense of triumphalism over a victory that was truly unprecedented. Years ago, we were all wondering on whether a run by a big-province governor or a big-city mayor was possible. Mr. Duterte did not only make that run possible but elevated it into the political stratosphere when he won that seemingly improbable run convincingly.

    The confidence and euphoria is such that Mr. Duterte’s Cabinet has representatives from the political Left. Who else but The Digong can do such an offering. The truth is The Digong would be an instant nominee for “the country’s best President ever” should he succeed in convincing the Left to be a mainstream political party, minus its underground army. The route to political power, indeed, is not a Maoist insurgency but via parliamentary struggles.

    Who else but The Digong can slam the media (some of what he said is sadly true) and be unapologetic about it?

    Right now, however, the cronies and friends of The Digong must tone that sense of euphoria down. It’s about time they reined in that enthusiasm.

    An overextended form of triumphalism that includes broadcasting all the priorities of the new administration and second-guessing him on how he would serve as President carries dangers on its own. It will erode the public excitement and anticipation over the coming into power of an unorthodox President. By the time Mr. Duterte assumes power, his aides and cronies would have said it all. And what would come from Mr. Duterte at the day of his assumption would be, sadly, rehashed views. This will not serve Mr. Duterte well.

    If his aides continue doing precisely that—prematurely announce and lay bare all his plans—the headline on his first day would be “ Duterte confirms aides’ statements.” Instead of “ Duterte bares radical plans to move the country forward.”

    The associates and cronies should also cease pushing Mr. Duterte into a decision of not including Ms. Robredo, the proclaimed VP, into his official family. Ms. Robredo should be in the government as an active executive official, not a spare tire which, in John Nance Garner’s words, “is worth a pitcher of warm spit.” On this issue, a specific executive office for Ms. Robredo carries a thousand pros for The Digong and almost zero cons.

    Ms. Robredo and Mr. Duterte agree 100 percent on who shall get the most attention from government. Mr. Duterte speaks of “the poor” and the unprotected. Ms. Robredo phrases it differently—‘yung nasa laylayan (those on life’s margins). They are referring to the same sectors, my neighbors, myself, the kind of people referred to in The Sermon on the Mount.

    And they both see that there is a need for the heavy lifting from the state to accomplish that, not the hypocritical talk of “inclusive growth” from the Aquino-Roxas Bros. A solid consensus on the thrusts of fundamental policies is probably the most ideal term of engagement between the President and his cabinet. Mr. Duterte and Ms. Robredo share that consensus.

    The other reason is this. Ms. Robredo is as unorthodox as Mr. Duterte and they are not dissimilar. Their feet are firmly planted on the ground.

    My Camarines Sur colleague in the small farming movement often showed me photos of his bus rides to Manila with Ms. Robredo and her kids as co-passengers. And that was long before there were social media posts on Ms. Robredo’s bus rides. That Rep. Robredo did ride buses consistently for three years—on that long, torturous trip to Bicol via the dangerous “Bitukang Manok” and did so without fanfare—speaks volume on the authenticity of her character. No power and ego trips. And regular immersion with the ordinary Joes.

    Coming from a province where small-time politicians dream of tooling around in the current generation Land Cruiser (many barangay captains have a late-model LC Prado and third-generation Prado in their garages), I am awed by Ms. Robredo’s agnosticism toward fancy cars and late-model SUVs and her preference for mass transport. In his moment of candor during the campaign, Mr. Duterte had expressed the same agnosticism. Asked on how he plans to tackle the traffic jams in the metropolis, Mr. Duterte said, “I will burn all those cars.” Meaning, cars meant nothing to him and that cars—not buses—were at the root cause of the metropolitan traffic jams. The Aquino-Roxas Bros did everything to disincentivize mass transport and keep buses out of Metro Manila roads.

    The preference for private cars and the bias against buses and other forms of mass transport will hopefully see its end under the Duterte administration.

    Of course, Ms. Robredo has flaws. Her outburst of self-righteousness, the tortured language she uses to express the self-righteousness (never akong nandaya, never akong ganito) are uncalled for and superfluous. But you can sense that her heart is in the right place and she is truly concerned, deeply concerned rather, of marginal and impoverished lives.

    For Mr. Duterte, the appointment of Ms. Robredo into some executive office carries a thousand pros and almost zero cons.


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    1. Why can’t dutertards can’t move on… if Duterte really wants unity then why is he hesitating to give a deserving lady the position she deserves….

    2. what could a Leni Robredo do to pose a hindrance to a Duterte Government? Nothing! The art of defeating an enemy is not to keep a distance but rather to keep as close as possible to anticipate its next move. By not engaging Leni Robredo, Duterte is showing a very obvious motive…FEAR! If Duterte is prepping up Marcos Jr for 2022, his actions now will boomerang!

    3. The President should put her out of her misery by appointing her a National Dog catcher an appropriate job for her. Or head Malacanang JANITRESS. LENY! Stopk Pestering the President for an appointment, he has better things to think about than to worry about an
      opportunistic cheat liar like you. KAPAL mukha.

      • You are one of the many leftist supporters who should be tried by DU30. If not by the 14 million Filipinos who voted for Leni. If you guys want healing you start with the person who was voted for VP.

    4. To show pity for Queen Lugaw who from the beginning has been begging for an appointment to cabinet. The President should in his mercy appoint her National Dog Catcher, an appropriate position for her.

    5. Nice try but she has yet to first, prove that she is not pcos elected, and she must earned Digong’s trust. Without these 2 elements she is not worthy a cabinet position more so a vp title.

    6. Pls dont pressure the President elect to give importance to Robredo He knows what he is doing

    7. Duterte has his own plan for his government and he does not want to be tainted with the appointment of Rob-redo…

    8. Amnata Pundit on

      Why not ambassador to some God-forsaken African country? She might meet a future husband there and do all Filipinos a big favor by forgetting her presidential ambitions and just marry again and settling down anywhere but in the Philippines.

    9. Good for the president-elect for not giving any legitimacy to a dubious “winner” of the vice presidency. Duterte loves and respects Marcos more than Robredo, for sure. Duterte is a smart politician. Let her rot someplace. Don’t let her be a part of what Duterte is going to accomplish for the country.

      The Aquino yellow hordes allegedly tried to cheat Duterte too, but his votes were too much to overcome by cheating. Before the elections, the voters were “brainwash” by showing Roxas and Robredo slowly going up on the voter preference. They know someone is going to cheat in the election process.

      If her “election” is not overturned, let her keep her position as an outcast of the new administration. She will get paid and let her donate her salary, all of it, to her chosen poor voters. She is just using her husband’s alleged good reputation as a government servant to promote her own agenda. She can not be trusted. She should stay in her hometown, nothing for her in Duterte’s administration! Cheating in an election is very bad start for her self-proclaimed “honesty”.

    10. Prinze Fisher on

      Did she really win fairly? Come on Marlen, giving her an executive post means we just have to close our eyes and keep quiet about the fraud done by the Yellows in the last polls. This issue media forgets already just a week after the proclamation of the NBOC.

    11. Fortunato Gascon on

      Lets see whose genuine and real person after they take over the power:-) Did the VP complain why President Duterte did change his mind instead make her a Flower Vase? Well God will provide to his children.

    12. The Liberal Party along with Comelec and Smartmatic cheated to install Robredo as the Vice President. There should be a system audit of the entire election before any of the senators. reps and the VP are proclaimed as winners.
      I can’t believe that the people elected the same liberal party pork barrel thieves again or elected Aquino puppets like De Lima who did nothing except protect the Liberal party for years as the head of the Dept of Justice.

    13. Leni is a mere placeholder until BBM is proclaimed the righteous winner. In the meantime she can go stargazing and wish upon the stars. Sana tamaan ng meteorite.

    14. Gawing STREET SWEEPER si ligaw queen… Tagawalis ng kalat ng mga kultong dilaw sa mahigit 30 years na pagkakalat nila sa Pilipinas.

    15. Gago tigilan ninyo ang mga tao nang inyong palabas na sumasakay lang ng bus si lugaw queen dahil iyan ay kasinungalingan. ginawa lang iyon pang photo ops at sarili nila o chartered pa ang bus na ginagamit.. kung salitang kalye GIMIK lang ni lugaw Queen ang lahat….

    16. Bakit bibigyan ng posisyon si Lugaw Queen hindi naman siya ELECTED VP ng sambayanang pilipino kundi SELECTED VP by Comelec Hucos Pcos machine..saka anong batas ang nagsasabing kailangang bigyan ng posiisyon ang nandayang VP..

    17. ernie del rosario on

      Rod Kapunan aptly described what a demagogue is in a “trilogy” on the topic “Huwag Kang Magnanakaw” with Robredo as its central figure. Nathaniel Hawthorne mentioned it in his book “House with Seven Gables” Chapter 14 (Phoebe’s Goodbye). Google it.

    18. Roldan Guerrero on

      There is only one reason why Pres. elect Duterte is reluctant in giving position to Leni Robredo. Robredo herself ad the great majority of Filipinos know that BBM won the vice presidency.Even in the pre campaign period, untill the dying hours of the campaign period, despite the manipulations they did in surveys to put her on top, she knows she is the least winnable VP candidate. It must be impossible that until now Robredo does not still know what Pnoy did to make her the winner by cheating. Is this how easy for Leni to forget what happened to her husband? Until now there is no clear conclusion of what really happened. Is this a payback for the mysterious demise of her husband? Robredo must regroup her lost self dignity. SHE SHOULD ACCEPT AND TURN OVER THE POSITION NOT FOR HER! She always talk about doing things lawfully…ITS TIME FOR HER TO GET UP FROM A NIGHTMARE….

      • You are one of those BBM cronies that cannot accept the truth that Leni , a newcomer beat BBM. You guys are on denial. I hope you can count and respect Comelec decision. Also accept the truth that all of us will not be affected if BBM or Leni wins. VP position is really nothing. Why are you fighting tooth and nails for who so ever wins.

      • Mas masahol pa itong mga DU3 supporters kono. Gusto ninyo bang walang magagawa si DU30 simulan ninyo ang mga ganitong paninira!! Who cares about BBM, the family is richer than many people can imagine. You can ask Enrile and Ramos. Her sister Imee has still has explaining to make on Panama Leak. I thi nk Mr. Ronquillo is correct.

    19. In my opinion, the best place for Mrs. Robredo is the Metro-Manila Commission. The President-elect must revive the position of Metro-Manila Governor headed by then Mrs. Imelda Marcos and the new government should continue where Imelda left off, politics aside. If the Human Settlement Commission still exists, this should be merged with HLURB and the National Housing Authority to implement zoning and address the plight of informal settlers. To head these functions too is a good position to the incoming Vice-President.

    20. Di papayag si Allan na magkaroon si VP Leni ng cabinet post in Duterte’s admin for an obvious reason even 2022 is still far away.

      • You’re wrong. Alan was the one sponsoring Robrtedo for a cabinet post earlier. The request was ignored by Duterte. The president-elect said that he cannot appoint someone who campaigned against him and bad-mouthed him in the last election campaign. Duterte said that he cannot displease Bongbong Marcos who made him win in Ilocos Norte. Duterte lost in Robredo’s Bicol bailiwick. BBM will be appointed to the cabinet after a year.

      • Cayetano was asking Digong to give Leni a position because Allan wanted the Liberal party senators to back him up for the Senate presidency. Kapal mukha ni Allan. Super.

    21. She sounds like a tortured evangelist. Doesn’t mean she has to have a Cabinet post to be heard. Let it be.

    22. Pres Duterte is not required to appoint Robredo to a cabintet post and there is no law on that. let us respect Pres Duterte on his decisions and selection of who will compose His cabinets. afterall, it is Pres Duterte that is answerable for his decisions and actions.

      Problema, ginugulo ninyo ang hindi magulo by suggesting that Robredo will be given a cabinet post. why push the issue when Pres Duterte already said that he will not give Robredo a cabinet post?

      Mr Ronquillo, mag Presidente ka muna para mabigyan mo ng cabinet post si Robredo. by the way, may presidential election pa tayo sa 2022 you can run for President mr ronquillo that time.

    23. duterte should never fall for their plan B strategy…bbm should be given a special post just to have eagle eye on this cheater…. he would be her perfect nemesis…..

    24. No role for a cheater. Is this notion so very difficult for some people to accept? She does not deserve an official role for the simple reason she did not win fair.

      ## 25 more days until the end of Hypocrisy, Plunder and Incompetence ##

    25. I don’t understand why Pres Duterte should give an executive position to Leni where in fact ths lady did not win the Vice Presidency post. She was proclaimed by a very biased legislature which at that time still controlled by the Yellow Regime. This author still don’t get it, that the mere snub that Duterte did by not attending the proclamation. which is by the way the first time it happened, means a non-recognition of this proclamation. Pres Duterte knows that Leni and her Yellow hordes will just use him to legitimize Leni’s election. The overwhelming Filipinos knows that they were robbed of their suffrage right to choose the leader of their choice in this election which was perpetuated by this Yellow Syndicates. They know that Leni is an illegitimate holder of this VP position and by giving her any position in the executive legitimizes her position.

    26. Duterte is right in not giving a super ambitious wannabe (one columnist calls her a demagogue) a post in his cabinet. She might just be the Trojan horse that might torpedo all the gains of the Duterte administration. The lady demagogue also has her own agenda, remember. She will be the square peg in the hole of the Duterte cabinet.

      It is best that she is kept at a distance. It is a wise management decision that a declared tool of the yellow brigade be rendered inutile.

    27. Duterte is genuine, a real person, the other one Robredo is pretending to be real person. she is another yellow hypocrite, a booby trap for Dutere presidency, just leave her where she is hanging on her laylayan propaganda!!

      • Mga_imbento on

        hahaha praning na praning si duterte kay leni… well expected na hindi talaga bibigyan ni digong yan dahil AYON sa Game plan ni Duterte they must first stop the 3 hindrance to their success which are the Catholic Church, the Media and the Liberal Party.. ang pinaka huli nila dapat tanggalin ay ang USA.