Give peace a chance – Ferrer, Iqbal

TALKING PEACE Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal (L) and Miriam Coronel Ferrer (R), chairperson of the government negotiating panel for peace talks, attend a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. AFP PHOTO

Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal (L) and Miriam Coronel Ferrer (R), chairperson of the government negotiating panel for peace talks, attend a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. AFP PHOTO

KUALA LUMPUR: Government and Muslim rebel negotiators issued a joint plea on Saturday for the country to stick to a historic peace accord that is now in peril after a deadly clash spurred calls for retribution against the guerrillas.

Both sides told a press briefing in Kuala Lumpur that two days of talks in Malaysia on disarming the rebels had made progress, and they vowed not to waver in implementing an accord on the voluntary surrender of weapons.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has waged a decades-long bloody insurgency in the Muslim southern Philippines, but an accord signed last year has raised hopes of a lasting peace.

Chief government negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer warned of dire consequences if the process were allowed to crumble.

“The other alternative is simply unthinkable,” she said.

“It will bring chaos and bring about the rise of other groups (and) even more extremists with very radical ideologies.”

The talks in Malaysia marked the first formal sit-down between the two sides since 44 police commandos were killed in a botched raid in Maguindanao province last week.

The rebels’ chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal also said the MILF was fully committed to the peace process.

The MILF signed a protocol agreement on Thursday for disarmament, and both parties said they would go ahead with the symbolic handover next month of 75 high-powered guerrilla firearms.

They also vowed to strengthen existing ceasefire mechanisms to avoid future clashes.

But President Benigno Aquino 3rd, who must convince Congress to approve the deal, is under mounting pressure to strike back at the rebels.

“In the next few days we know there will be challenges before us,” Coronel-Ferrer said.

She said the government will engage with Philippine lawmakers to keep the process on track.

“That is our message. Please stay the course with us,” she said.

The MILF and various other Muslim rebels have battled since the 1970s for independence or autonomy.

The peace agreement signed last year would create a southern autonomous region for the Philippines’ Muslim minority with locally elected leaders by mid-2016.



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  1. Now i understand the saying “never trust a muslim.” I always gave them the benefit of the doubt but now i can’t do that anymore, not after this.

  2. Roldan Guerrero on

    Within the circle of this incompetent administration, I dont see anybody who is capable of handling ” HIGH RISK NATIONAL ENACTMENTS” like the BBL. Every Sensitive Matters concerning National Security must be all put aside. Let us wait a CREDIBLE ADMINISTATION TO DO THESE THINGS FOR THE FILIPINOS. I strongly advise FERRER and DELES to abandon this FOOLISHNESS they are doing to save more loss of LIVES and USELESS GOVERNMENT SPENDINGS!

  3. Why do you have to cater on Muslim demands for autonomy?The Philippines is a diverse society with over 120 dialects. The Muslims should be treated like any other Filipino and assimilated into the Filipino culture. We have Freedom of Worship and Freedom of Speech. Giving them preferential treatment is wrong. The current problem with them is just an offshoot of the ongoing Muslim plague that the world is suffering all over the world. I would not be surprised if the MILF leaders are found to be affiliated with Al Qaeda or the ISIS. First you give them autonomy, then they will demand independence or will form a sultanate, followed by booting out all the Christians in the area , burning and terrorizing,madrases will replace our public schools followed by sharia laws. Let us learn from the middle east and get some pointers from Israel. to Never deal with the terrorist

  4. sonny dela cruz on

    Let this Ferrer knows that a peace treaty with the moros is not important to every peace loving filipinos. The problem in Mindanao is the Moros, they are the one killing the civilian, kinapping the tourist and bombing the business establishment. Look at the abusayab, the MILF, the MNLF and the BIFF they are all the same, one bounch of terrorist, and you Ferrer who went to school and finish college you don’t even have the brain to protect the country from this terrorist. Maybe your parents never teach you how to be a good citizen. Please look your face at the mirror, see if you are doing a good service to your country.

  5. From now on. based on their treacherous history, DONT GIVE THEM A CHANCE! Kill all of them, before they kill you! Use all the government resources to hunt these coward criminals!!!

  6. IQBAL/FERRER alam po ba ninyo ang ibig sabihin ng peace,yun po ba ay yung pagpatay sa mga taong gusto lang hulihin ang mga terorista na nanggugulo sa pilipinas.alam ninyo na hindi bale na sanang pangit,maganda lang sana ang puso,pero kayo pangit na sa labas,pangit pa rin ang puso ninyo

  7. I would not trust the MILF as far as I could throw them. The Philippines should be hunting these perpetrators, (Islamic terrorists) down like the dogs they are. Prisoners from these lot are only useful for information leading to more of the rats. There should be a active 10 or 20 to one reckoning for every loss of the brave and honorable 44, who gave their lives to this country.

  8. Miguel Doromal on

    What Peace??? We all know those moros in Mindanao all want an independent state at the end of the day. What’s to stop them from declaring independence two or three years down the road – with the able support of Muslim nations like Indonesia and Malaysia throwing its weight around together with the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) in the United Nations?

    Miriam Coronel Ferrer and the stupid members of the Philippine peace panel should ALL be hanged for treason.

    They are all traitors to the interests of the Philippine republic.

    • Sa Israel, isang sundalo lang nila ang kantiin ng mga arabo ay bomba o full force attack ang kapalit. Kaya nag nirerespeto ang pwersa nila kasi they do not allow any of their soldier or citizen na madejado. Paano respetuhin ang military natin kun mismo si simyon ay walang pakialam sa buhay ng ating mga kawal?

  9. Mr. Iqbal – pls. answer the question – why are you coddling the 2 bombers?
    you are peddling more lies than Mr. Aquino, MILF,BIFF,MNLF,JI,ASG is just one big family of lawlessness hiding behind the skirt of peace talks, taking advantage of a mentally deficient leadership., they are not true to Muslim pillars faith.

    Every cop in the country has bullet with your name and your band of monsters.

  10. Ferrer keeps saying “…please stay the course…” without acknowledging that PNP-SAF troops were massacred. Ferrer is disrespecting the troops because she has not made mention of how the SAF-troops died. There is a big difference between SAF-troops dying in a firefight versus the SAF-troops being murdered — against Geneva conventions, surrendering troops without ammunition being shot in the head by MILF and BIFF soldiers.

  11. You idiot Ferrer, find your own peace! Stop fooling the people you and your retard boss
    are big LIARS. Go stick your peace process up your fetid orifice, you treacherous bitch!!!