• Give Rody more time – Enrile


    FILIPINOS should not judge President Rodrigo Duterte based on his performance during his first 100 days in office, former senator Juan Ponce Enrile said on Monday.

    “Let us not be too impatient. We need time. Do not judge him by his achievements after 100 days. He has six years to attain his goals, dreams and aspirations for the country. We are not used to rigidity. Let him do his job. Who knows, he may succeed,” Enrile said.

    Based on the body count in the war against illegal drugs, the former lawmaker said Duterte appears to be succeeding in his goal to stamp out the drug menace.

    “Based on the body count, he seems to be succeeding. We have a pro-active president. He is doing his responsibilities,” Enrile told reporters.

    Police records showed that more than 3,000 people have been killed since Duterte took office on June 30.

    Enrile admitted that Duterte has created “too much wave” in his fight against illegal drugs.

    A report from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) said drug addiction remains a major problem.

    But Enrile said drug addiction problems in other countries are worse, such as in the United States where several syndicates actively promote the use of illegal drugs. He said illegal drug use is a P60 billion industry in the US while the drug business in the Philippines is at more or less P10 billion.


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    1. Majority of us don’t belong to the “yellow” group. We just wanted to get rid of this STUPID president. Sobrang yabang na akala mo matalino. Sabi ni Duterte, na handa raw siyang mamatay. But not his corrupt children. Ang kabayaran ng utang ni Duterte at ang kanyang mga anak pagdating sa International Court.

    2. Yes, .Tatang Enrile is definitely right.. We must be patience. Let our President do his job…This is not our job. Unlike other politicians doing nothing. And we dont need this kind of politicians in our new society. Especially the Liberal Party…

    3. Manong Johnny….sa panahon ngayon ng globalisasyon at dumadami na Pilipino at kaming mga ofw…wala na pong time…eh matanda na yan para malamn ang mali at tama dapat alam na niya po ang higit na makakabuti sa bayan. no more time na po sa schooling tsaka puro sa droga na lang nakatutok sana maheadline naman ang infra o ekonomiya….unahin na mga airport at trafiic solutions

    4. Mr. Enrile is absolutely correct, DU30 has 2,090 days left in his term, lets see what it will be like in the next 1,000 days …..

    5. Sen Enrile is absolutely correct, we have a true & working leader who is not afraid to smash the oligarchy structure in the country, who has plenty of political will to fight evil & the great Satan to achieve peace & prosperity for the country & people. So give El Presidente a chance to accomplish everything what he thinks is right.

    6. Mr Enrile, you are a statesman, what can you advise Duterte ? This guy is 71 years old. Can he still change ? There are many outside forces that are watching and planning. You know this. You have been in this situation during the martial law days. These pressure groups will not let their influence disappear. Look at E Gaming, billion pesos investment down the drain. Look at Abu Sayap, look at drug lords, look at casino investments. Those are some groups that are planning and soon executing their plans. No force can stop them. Even the mighty Marcos went down. Even President Kennedy went down.

    7. Eh 100 days pa lang nga lumulubog na ang image ng Pilipinas, ano pa after six years in office?

    8. FYI it’s the yellow mob very eager to ous Rody lead by Trillanes. de Lima to escape from facing jail term for his close friend Aquino and rest of his cabals