Give thanks for all blessings

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

INSTEAD of my usual New Year’s resolutions, I have decided to list my blessings this 2013. I am grateful for a lot of things and here are a few of them. Go ahead and warm your heart by making your own list.

For my mom who brought me to life and loved me to her last breath (She passed December 19). She has adequately provided for all of us, her children and grandchildren.

For my sons who have grown to be good and kindhearted and who continue to improve themselves, their lives and their career and who continue to share their blessings with others. I need not worry about them, they stand upright on their own. Special mention to Alfonso, my first grandchild.

For my beautiful and kindhearted daughters-in-law, my instant daughters.

For relatives who are there for me always:  Nonoy and Aro Gramatica and Arnel Barba and others.

For my friends (too numerous to name them here but they know who they are) who have always been there in good times and in trying times.

Special mention to my BFF Gigie Peñalosa, who came to my rescue without hesitation or a single question when I had some financial crisis this year. Also to the Narboneta family (Chato, Rolly, Carlo, Maylene, Andre, Sharylene, Keesha and Enchong), who has adopted me as their own and who has always a place for me in their dining table. My colleagues at The Philippine Society of Fellows in People Management who gave me seed money to resurrect my garden damaged by the habagat floods.

For my clients who have partnered with me in the training and development of their employees. Special mention to Rozie Morala and Dang Snyder for involving me in their ILO projects around the country to help HR people implement certain labor laws. Also LandBank of the Philippines for the continuing and mutual trust.

For farmer friends from whom I get an informal course on agriculture and lots of free seeds and seedlings.  Special mention to farmer-dentist Doc J. Domasian, who has done wonders to my molars. And for those who sell planting materials and produce:  Lito and Susan Balboa (seedlings), Nilo Morales (Bhut Jolokia), Cris Babierra (herbs), Brenda (Cocopeat and seedlings of indoor plants and others. My friend Cel Tungol for all those out-of-town trips to farms and nurseries and Dr. Roberto Coronel for the rarefruit seedlings, Jun Malenab and Vic Mayor for more seedlings, Gondo Ding from Japan, Kumpadre Ed Manda and his team at the Philippine Bamboo Foundation and the team of Rhedgy Hollero, Sonny Domingo, Alrey Galang and Dr. Val Calica for the business side of farming. There are many more, but we have no space. This quote says it all: “If you ate today, thank the farmer.”

For Facebook. Now I am connected to friends and relatives from elementary, high school, college, international conferences, and others. I have also made a lot of new friends who have become friends in real life.

Special mention goes to the Davao Dabarkads—Rod Tangan, Dennis Kintanar Lainez, Langlang Pantejo Azurin, Rene Pamintuan and Rue Ramas. Also Ame Anderson, Ruth Medford, Russell Lamar and Manny Mercado who continue to post very stimulating and interesting messages and photos.

For those who help with my sundry household chores—laundrywoman Manang Paring, general construction expert Mang Tikboy, gofer and gardener Jojo, Mom’s former caregiver Sunshine and others who regularly come and enquire about my needs.

For stores and manufacturers of certain products that have been a staple in my house: Carefree, EHJE Peanut Butter, Chez Vital cheese, Majestic ham, Tisyu, Care adult diapers (for my mom), Marks and Spencer, dela Rosa Bakery, tablea- and chocolate-makers, wine-makers, Pond’s, Lander’s firming lotion, virgin coconut oil, lipstick with pili oil, citronella anti-mosquito spray, and others. As I grow older, I notice that I don’t buy as much and I limit myself to a few products. Otherwise, I make them myself.

For Puregold for pricing their goods at very low levels compared to SM and Robinson’s supermarkets. I hope though that they have more quality products.

For Booksale and Chapters where I get very good used books at bargain prices.

For the group of Batangueñas who come to our barangay every other day with freshly picked fruits and vegetable and sell them at ridiculously low prices. I forgot their names at the moment.

For retailers and vendors who sell locally made products at reasonable prices and not lured to sell China-made products.

For Aling Linda and her helpers for the delicious meals she prepares for me in her karinderia.

For Nora Bazar, who volunteers to lead the prayers for my deceased mother: during the wake, novena and the 40th day prayers. And pious neighbors who pray with her.

Enjoy a blissful happy new year!


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