Give up that pork


I think it is time that you initiate a Give Up That Pork campaign, to force the thick-faced congressmen and senators who refuse to give up their Pork, to GIVE IT UP. Shame on them for betraying the people’s trust.

I am sure you can also count on the support of Pinoys who live outside the country, through a campaign via Facebook. That Pork has been the source of so much corruption. Enough already!

Shame on all politicians who tolerate friends and supporters who are incompetent and corrupt. That includes the President who talked lengthily about corruption in the Bureau of Customs but ignored the resignation of its head. There should be no favoured few. The reason it is lonely at the top, is because a President cannot take sides nor ignore corruption and incompetence specially when perpetuated by kapamilya, kabarda, kabarilan and kaibigan.

Tama na, Husto Na. This was a campaign that the yellow army initiated against Marcos. I say the same to this President and to all corrupt and incompetent officials. Enough already.

Helen Ramos


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