Giving up the moral high ground



Prez Digong may be finding out that things are not as bad as his group was saying during the campaign; they are worse, such as in peace and order

Jailbreak in Lanao. Killings that probably cannot be solved. Lack of money. Hidden pork (pork not toxic per se, in my view).

Again, I hope Prez Digong proves me wrong by year-end, not by showing that the end justifies the means. He must be joking when he told fellow Bedan Leila de Lima to kill herself, a mortal sin among Catholics (and Muslims, I am told). A joke again?

Digong has the support of 91 percent of us?

When martial law was inflicted on September 23 (not 21), 1972, how many protested? Not too many, for years and years, among a race dominated for centuries by Spain, Britain, America and Japan. It took the “salvaging” of Ninoy Aquino in 1983 for the sleeping millions to awake; Edsa ‘86 showed the Filipino at his best, ready to die for the Motherland.

No high official or tycoon has been murdered yet in the current war against drug traffickers and users, mostly folks whose kin cannot even pay funeral parlors. War Against Poverty is simply War Against the Poor.

Senator Leila de Lima would be well-advised not to heed Digong’s unpresidential and sinful advice to hang herself. He should have his Defend-and-Attack Dogs deal with the matter; he has bigger fish to fry. Leila is not married and her personal life is her personal life if public interest is not compromised. Ditto with Digong himself, unmarried (marriage annulled), with a partner, and two kulaccs, per scuttlebutt, with at least one love child. The arrangement costs you and me because of the expensive weekly trips Digong has to make to Davao, with staff, security, medics, nurses, et al. Favorite Honeylet & Co. can live in San Miguel near the Palace to save time and money.

Bar topnotcher Leila is an addition to the Senate, whose job is lawmaking. And she should stay the course and not resign, an option that if availed of can gladden those who strive to eliminate dissent and lead us to the unanimity of the graveyard (Robert Jackson). It seems to me she cannot be probed by any Senate ethics panel for conduct before she became a senator. Her colleagues should protect the institution.

Digong has to abide criticism, even views he may despise. The country is a much bigger pond than Davao City.

MAD, the Movement Against Dynasties, is in ICU. Digong has a daughter as mayor and a son as vice mayor of Davao City. In the next Constitution, Sec. 26 of Article II of our current one, where it is a State policy to “prohibit political dynasties,” may as well go out. No one is talking negatively of dynasties any more.

If the alleged drug lord and his wife (the Odictas) gunned down last Monday in Aklan were done in by vigilantes, the murderers would be immune, probably being rogues in the service. Pardon is promised anyway in case of conviction.

Giving his officials low-number plates I can live with; they have responsibilities we ordinary citizens don’t. In 1986, Prez Cory would have us stop at red lights that meant we’d be late for crucial appointments involving all our people. Speaker Bebot Alvarez, an arguably leading Tuta it seems, is for meaningless cosmetics that may even reduce the efficiency and even compromise the safety of conscientious hardworking government workers.

Government won’t spend for Macoy’s burial in the LMB. Huh? But dealing with the predictable protests and guarding the tomb the whole year round from “vandals” will cost the taxpayer a pretty penny. No budget for it, I understand, nor is there any for Charter change.

The hope is that the Supreme Court will protect Digong from himself. Face-saving is Rep. Harry Roque’s bill on renaming LMB by adding “at mga Pangulo.” No need for “dating” Pangulo, Harry. We don’t bury incumbents until they become past tense in this world. No repeat of Imelda occasioning the burial of 169 living workers in the Manila Film Center.

Suicide is interdicted for Catholics (even Muslims I am told). Has Digong left the religion pushed and enhanced in us by San Beda?

Meantime, Digong should take note of how the new Bureau of Immigration commissioner is talked about as fitting one definition of carpetbagger, with all kinds of pigs crowding the trough. He may clean out, not clean up, Customs.

Digong’s budget increase boggles the mind and Budget Chief Ben Diokno has to tell us by year-end how much his administration shall have cost us after a semester. By then, I hope Digong will have reduced our 9 percent to an even lower percentage, say by eradicating criminality. A promise is a promise. Two months are gone.

Has criminality really gone down? Record-breaking extrajudicial killings do not count? Because only the poor get rubbed out? Their lives don’t matter?

Still, it can be said that the values we share are far far more than what divides us. The ‘ber months have debuted.

I give Digong and the newbies up to year-end. I hope they prove me wrong, say on the proposed operation of the Bataan nuke plant. We aren’t sophisticated perfectionist Japan whose Fukushima incident should scare the bejesus out of anyone living in a relaxed, puede-na dillentantish society.

Overall, we should never give up the moral high ground by going down to the level of criminals. Else, DECAY. And the Prez should take care also of the innocent widows and orphans of those killed extrajudicially. His vow is to do justice to every man.

Finally, no need to make Obama listen to him, long a member of the elite, on human rights. Obama belongs to one of the most vilified and persecuted races in history, even today. Some of us Brownies even have the gall to look down on Egots.


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  1. Bow2 !

    First time for me to read an article from you. Could google for your previous ones that concentrates on lesser topics, but those would be history. More power to you!

  2. Bow !

    ” Still, it can be said that the values we share are far far more than what divides us. ”

    Indeed, one can’t say or worded it better than Idol, Atty Rene.