Glaiza at 29 prays for ‘The One’


Plus: Kylie and Aljur engaged; couple have yet to confirm pregnancy rumors
Before anything else, here’s the good news: Kylie Padilla is now engaged to Aljur Abrenica. People are now anticipating the next official announcement from the couple, who have yet to confirm whether the bride-to-be is indeed a mom-to-be too.

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Amid a shower of confetti, Glaiza De Castro walked into a surprise birthday party organized by her fans at a Quezon City restaurant. The Encantadia star had just turned 29 years old the day before.

It was no ordinary party the fans prepared by the way. There were lots of food and a well-organized program that had impressively produced audio-video presentations. Apparently, the group attended to the smallest details like where they should be standing when their idol steps into the room.

Glaiza De Castro at her surprise birthday party from fans

Glaiza confessed she sensed something was being cooked-up days before. “Members of my family were acting weird. I would see them whispering to one another. My cousin, whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, called and invited me to dinner. On our way here, I noticed na natataranta sila at naliligaw sila. That made me think na may gimmick sila, and when we arrived here at the restaurant, eto na nga, surprise!”

Despite her inkling the very grateful actress had no idea the surprise would be a big one. “Nagulat ako because everybody was here. My fans from way back and I also saw new faces. My parents, my loved ones, my friends, my manager, and you, Tito Lhar,” said Glaiza as Showbuzz approached to greet her.

She was evidently touched by her fans’ gesture. “I really appreciate what they have done because they really spent for this party just to show their love for me. When I entered the venue with all of them singing for me, I wanted to cry. I really felt their support and their love. They just showed how important I am to them.”

At 29, Glaiza does not have any big wish for herself. She believes she has been so blessed all these years. “I’ve got everything that I prayed for. Whenever something good happens to me or to my career, I would realize that I prayed about it. The Lord has been so good and so generous to me. Now, I just wish for good health for my family, that we will be together longer,” she averred.

But doesn’t he wish for a love life? “Kasama na rin ‘yun. I want somebody who will inspire me every day. I’m praying for it pero hindi naman ako nagmamadali. I believe the Lord knows the perfect time and He will eventually give me the best man for me and I know that if I wait upon Him, He will have nothing but the best for me.”

For now, Glaiza is just focused on her career. She is so inspired by Encantadia’s big success with its ratings getting higher. “With all the developments in the story, the viewers will surely be more intrigued. I just feel sad that Gurna (the character portrayed by Vaness Del Moral) had to go. I really enjoyed working with Vaness. She is so giving as an actor that when we are together on a scene, I can relax because I know how much she supports her co-actors. She’s the type of actress who can take you to the emotions you want to reach,” she explained.

Every time Glaiza talks about Encantadia, her voice borders from excited to sad. Even the members of the cast like her anticipate the script that will be given to them. “With what have been told us about the twists in the story, we are always excited about how they will happen. Parang napakabilis nga. What makes us sad are the goodbyes. There are characters that will have to go, many of them were with us from the beginning. We, in Encantadia, have formed a closely-knit group, and we’ve been used to seeing each other every taping day so nakaka-miss yung biglang wala na yung taong kasama mo.”

One thing is sure, though, the viewers will really be kept at the edge of their seats as new developments in the story of the top-rating telefantasya unfolds. And yes, there will be new characters that will be introduced to make the plot more exciting. “Huwag kayong bibitiw. Napakaraming mangyayari sa Encantadia,” Glaiza quipped.

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Ken Chan and Addy Raj

Another GMA artist who just celebrated his birthday is Ken Chan. It was a quiet working birthday for Ken because he had guesting schedules on that day. He said he opted not to have a party and instead preferred a simple dinner with his family.

But of course, Ken’s friends and fans did not let his birthday pass just like that. When he reported for taping at Meant to Be, he was also given a surprise.

“I had no idea they were preparing something. There was one scene which was supposed to be shot on the fifth floor of our location but they told me it will be done at the rooftop of the building. After finishing the scene, I went down to the fifth floor and was so surprised that my co-stars and the people behind the show were there waiting. My fans were also there and there was food already I just want to thank everyone including my fans who were with the staff in planning for that birthday surprise,” Ken related to Showbuzz.

The surprise doesn’t stop there for Ken. On Tuesday, his handler told him that they were having a meeting with a producer for an indie movie. When they arrived at the venue of the meeting, Ken was greeted by a happy birthday song from street kids and social workers of Child Hope in Paco, Manila.

“That also made me so happy. I have been thinking of sharing my blessings with less fortunate kids because they have a very special place in my heart and suddenly, I was there mingling with them. I’m so grateful to GMA Artist Center for arranging everything. I would like to go back to Child Hope and give whatever help I can to those kids,” Ken enthused.

* * *

Lloyd Lee and Shamcey Supsup-Lee

Blessed is the only word that Miss Universe 2011 third runner-up Shamcey Supsup-Lee uses to describe her post Miss Universe life. Her marriage to Lloyd Lee signaled a new chapter and they are now proud parents—and most recently business owners of Pedro N Coi chain of restaurants. They just opened their Il Centri Sta. Lucia East branch during this interview with Showbuzz, and two more branches are next in line.

“We enjoy managing our restaurants because we know we offer a lot not only in terms of food but in terms of culture. Pinoy na Pinoy kasi ang restaurants namin kaya when you visit them, you’ll have a taste of the food and culture, like meron kaming jeepney sa loob. Even the decorations are very Pinoy,” Shamcey beamed.

Of course, Shamcey is also very excited about the forthcoming coronation of the 2016 Miss Universe on Monday. She is all out in supporting Philippine representative Maxine Medina. “I am one of those who helped train her. Nakikita nga siya ni Lloyd when she comes to the house for training. I believe she really has what it takes to be a Miss Universe.

“I know that the issue about her now is the plan for her to use an interpreter during the question and answer portion. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Using an interpreter doesn’t diminish her chances of winning,” said Shamcey.

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‘Dirty Old Musical’ cast led by John Arcilla (standing second from right)

SHORTS… Award-winning actor John Arcilla hardly finds time to enjoy the luxury of long hours of sleep. His schedule will not permit him. He shuttles between the set of Encantadia and the rehearsals and performances of Dirty Old Musical, which is having its final run this weekend.

Showbuzz saw choice segments of the musical and John really demonstrated how versatile he is as a performer. With John in Dirty Old Musical are Robert Seña, Bo Cerrudo, Nonie Buencamino and Carlo Orosa who are also very talented. Their numbers are so engrossing. Add to this the performances of theater veteran Ima Castro and Kitkat who won an Aliw Award for this musical.


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