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The moment her taping for “Encantadia” was done, Glaiza de Castro packed her bags and flew to South Korea for much needed rest. She had planned this trip a month before taping for the hit GMA telefantasya was finished.

“When I learned of the schedule of our final taping day, I immediately asked our travel agency office to book me for the Korean trip,” she said.

This is the first time Glaiza travelled wherein she was not the one who arranged everything from the necessary papers to the itinerary. And it is thanks to her own travel agency, Galura Travels, which she opened a couple of months ago.

“Since traveling is one of my greatest passions, I decided to open this business. True enough, based on my experience, it’s a big help for people like me who love to travel. Malaking ginhawa that there is somebody na nag-aayos ng lahat for you,” she enthused.

Being a K-pop fan, Glaiza really enjoyed her weeklong Korean holiday. She visited places like movie and television sets, one of which was that of “Coffee Prince,” which is a favorite of hers. She also had the chance to get close to the border of North Korea.

Her vacation became more exciting as Glaiza met up with friends who are based in Seoul. “One of my most memorable trips talaga yung one week ko sa Korea. I would like to go back and explore the place more.”

Glaiza de Castro believes that love will simply come at the right time

The holiday was but a short break for Glaiza who buckled down to work as soon as she got back home. She is now busy promoting her new album under Polyeast Records where she shows more of her versatility as a singer. The new album is a far cry from her first where she displayed her talent as a pop-rock artist. In this outing, Glaiza does her own version of classic OPM songs like “Bato Sa Buhangin” and “Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata.” Polyeast has happily announced that the album took the No. 1 spot in sales two days after its release.

Meanwhile, fans won’t have to miss Glaiza on TV for very long as she is now preparing to start a new show—the format of which is something new for the Kapuso artist. For the first time, she will be doing a travel show, which is very much up her alley. Glaiza, of course, couldn’t be happier, what with the opportunity to do a lot of traveling.

“In this show, I will be going to different places in the Philippines to experience the different cultures, traditions, food and other things in the places that I visit,” Glaiza explained. “What I want is that I will be able to help promote interesting places in the country and this is really very exciting for me.”

The travel show is considered by Glaiza as a good way to rest for the meantime from doing a drama show. Encantadia was a long series and Glaiza’s role as Pirena was very demanding emotionally and physically. She is the type of actress who takes her role to heart, that is why there were moments when she would really be affected emotionally by the heavy scenes she was doing. Physically, she had been hurt a couple of times in her fight scenes. The last one required four stitches on her brow after she was accidentally hit with the tip of a sword.

“Of course, those were accidents and they really happen on the set. Walang dapat sisihin,” she averred.

Is it all work and travel for Glaiza? What about her personal happiness? Her love life? Until now, Glaiza has not found her elusive Mr. Right. There were guys who’ve been linked to her in the past–one of them was even so open about his admiration for Glaiza–but that was all. No further development.

As of now, Glaiza is certified single but she is not worried. “I’m happy with my life right now. I am so focused on my career. When it comes to love life, I leave it all up to the Lord. I am waiting for his timing because His timing is always perfect. I’ll let Him choose the guy for me because He gives only the best,” she ended.

* * *

Another Filipina is making the country proud as she receives an award from the world renowned American football team, Los Angeles Rams. She is Claire Padama, a retired nurse and a friend of many Filipino celebrities like Cesar Montano and GMA news personalities Connie Sison and Marriz Umali.

The award Claire received is called the Los Angeles Community Quarterback Award, given to her for her selfless service to the community. She received the recognition at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during one of the team’s games via a ball with her name and award written on it. She also received $5,000, which she donated entirely to St. Vincent De Paul of Los Angeles, a church-based charitable group helping the needy and the homeless.

Claire Padama receives the Los Angeles Community Quarterback Award for her selfless service to the community

“We will use the money for clothing, food and supplies for the underserved people of LA,” declared Claire.”

Claire has always puts other people’s welfare before her own. She leads the feeding program for the homeless on weekends, and a group who visits the sick in hospitals. She even collects bread from baker-donors to be given to the homeless. In May, she led a group of volunteers in bringing more than a hundred sick and disabled people to Lourdes in France. It’s her charitable Filipino heart at work.

To be sure, it isn’t only in LA that she extends her helping hand. She also helped raise funds for typhoon victims when Yolanda hit the Philippines hard. “I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Filipinos,” she said.

Until when does Claire see herself involved in charity programs?

“I’m happy doing this, serving those in need,” she replied. “I am already retired and my children are all doing well in their lives. God has blessed me well so I should be a blessing to others in return. I want to help people as long as I can. “

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