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    When the role of Pirena was given to Glaiza De Castro, she thought it would be an easy one. The GMA Network actress figured it wouldn’t require heavy acting since Encantandia is a fantasy series. And the more Glaiza enjoyed training for fight scenes, the more she believed playing Pirena would be a breeze.

    She realized, though, that the role is so much more demanding than she thought when she started taping the much-awaited reboot of the fantaserye.

    Glaiza de Castro

    Glaiza de Castro

    To begin with Glaiza realized the fight scenes alone require plenty of stamina. It was one thing doing the fight scenes during training in gym wear, and definitely another wearing her fabulous Sang’re costume.

    “When in costume you have to move differently kasi si-yempre hindi naman ganu’n kadaling kumilos—ang daming considerations when you’re wearing something like that,” said Glaiza.

    Getting hit and ergo getting hurt in these fight scenes is also unavoidable. There have been times when Glaiza had to endure the pain of arnis during choreographed fights.

    “A lot of times, I go home na maraming pasa on different parts of the body dahil tinamaan ako ng ka-fight ko. But it doesn’t bother me because it’s part of the job.”

    Her career’s greatest challenge to date doesn’t end in the fight scenes, of course. And this is because the character of Pirena is the most complex of all the Sang’res. She is the bipolar type.

    “Siyempre du’n sa time when the story of Encantadia [was first shown on TV], hindi pa naman alam yung mga bipo-lar-bipolar na term, but if you will study Pirena’s character, she is really bipolar in character. She is so nice at one point and in another moment, she becomes so bad. Her character requires a lot of internalization and concentra-tion that’s why a lot of times, I’m just quiet on the set especially when the scene to be shot is that of Pirena’s mood swings,” the actress explained.

    Gabi Garcia

    Gabi Garcia

    While the original Pirena, Sunshine Dizon, is also in the remake, Glaiza has not talk to her about the character. “Na-hihiya ako but I really want to approach her and ask how she attacked the role during the first Encantadia. Knowing how good Miss Sunshine is as an actress, I’m sure I will get a lot of tips from her. Buti nalang matagal pa kaming magsasama sa show and there will be scenes when we will be together because her character will play a very big role in Pirena’s journey as one of the Sang’res,” Glaiza enthused.

    Another thing that makes the actress very excited about Encantadia is the presence of international star Connan Stevens in the cast who is known as “Mountain” in the hit series Game of Thrones. Connan will play a highly im-portant role in the telefantasya.

    “The first time we were told that he was joining the cast, we were all so excited. Everyone was asking, ‘Saan ba siya? Sa Hatoria ba siya? Kanino siya kakampi? When he came to the set, of course, everybody wanted to have a picture with him. He was so nice naman, very accommodating,” Glaiza said.

    Although most of her time is dedicated to Encantadia, whenever she is free, Glaiza goes to Valenzuela City where she has a small business. She has a performance studio called Galura where they train young people in sharpening their talent in acting, singing and dancing.

    Besides the studio, Glaiza is trying her hand in the food business. Last weekend she opened her siomai snack bar. “We were offered the franchise so we took the opportunity and opened it right in front of our studio. I like it ‘cause I’ve always been fond of siomai even when I was younger. Now, we offer different types of siomai at may kasama pang black gulaman,” Glaiza proudly beams.

    Kylie Padilla

    Kylie Padilla

    Nowadays, Glaiza spends most of her time with her “sisters” Kylie Padilla, Gabi Garcia and Sanya Lopez who make up Encantadia’s Sang’res. The four have grown to be very close since they began training for arnis many months ago, and now, through the whirl of tapings.

    “Ang gulo namin sa set, walang tigil ang kwentuhan, kainan. Minsan nga napapagalitan na kami,” Kylie quipped.

    Because of their closeness, they know almost everything about one another, such as who the shoe addict is among them, or who is most fond of make-up, and who tends to be moody.

    Sanya revealed that Gabi is the shoe collector among them, which the latter guiltily admits.

    “Mahilig kasi ako sa heels. Pag may nakita ko na talagang gusto ko, I will buy it. Ang dami ko na ngang sapatos,” she confessed. “Shoes lang ako pero si Kylie, grabe sa make-up. Ang dami niya,” she quickly added, pointing to her friend.

    “Noon pa ‘yun, noon ka pa binili. Now I’m trying to control myself already. I don’t go to make-up stores anymore so that I won’t be tempted to buy,” Kylie defensively joined in, laughing guiltily as well.’

    And who is the most moody among them? “Ako!” Glaiza honestly admitted.

    Sanya Lopez

    Sanya Lopez

    “Si Ate Glaiz kasi sobrang nagko-concentrate sa role niya. Whenever we see or feel that she’s internalizing, hindi namin siya ginugulo. We know naman how serious she is in her craft,” Gabi said.

    Encantadia will start airing Monday night, July 18, and the four Sang’res can’t wait for the viewers’ feedback. “We are offering a very good show. Sobrang ganda niya that’s why we are so excited,” Kylie said, her eyes beaming with pride.

    Meanwhile, at ano-ther interview, Showbuzz sat down with the ever-beautiful Rhian Ramos.

    “It’s a big blessing for me,” she said of her new soap, Sinunga-ling Mong Puso, which will also premiere this Mon-day, replacing the afternoon series Hanggang Makita Kang Muli.

    Rhian is very challenged with the character of Clara, the role that Vilma Santos tackled in the original 1992 movie version. “They’re such big shoes to fill! Imagine me in a role that ‘the’ Vilma Santos once portrayed. I hope I live up to everybody’s expectations,” Rhian enthused.

    With Rhian in the series is Rafael Rosell who does not hide his admiration for the actress. Recalling the first time he saw Rhian, he said, “I had just transferred then to GMA and I guested in Party Pilipinas. Rhian was there and she was so beautiful. I really wanted to talk to her pero nahiya ako. All I could do was say hi. Ngayon, eto, we are to-gether in one show and I’m just very excited.”

    Rafael Rossel says he had a major crush on Rhian Ramos the first time he saw her on ‘Party Pilipinas’—now he’s her leading man in ‘Sinungaling Mong Puso’

    Rafael Rossel says he had a major crush on Rhian Ramos the first time he saw her on ‘Party Pilipinas’—now he’s her leading man in ‘Sinungaling Mong Puso’

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