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    ‘Preview’ gathers fashion geniuses for annual ball

    Andi Eigenmann

    Andi Eigenmann

    To celebrate its 21st year, the Preview Magazine decided it was perfect for everyone to get their “geek on,” what with “nerdcore” being a top trend in fashion the last few seasons.

    “There’s something about the geek chic movement in fashion that’s as exciting as it is accessible,” said the magazine’s editor-in-chief Isha Vallés. “We all geek out over different things: whether its fashion, literature, science, science fiction. We wanted everyone to just have fun with it.”

    And what better place for everyone to party than in the halls of knowledge. With the help of Moss Manila and The Event Architects (TEA), Whitespace Manila was transformed into an all-white Preview University.

    Inside, all-white biology and literature classrooms, and even a library were setup so every squad could choose where to hang.

    With the spirited mood fueled by the beats of DJs Xtina, Nix Damn P and Mars Miranda, the ball saw July cover girls Aimee Song and Liz Uy chatting at the library, while volleyball superstar Mika Reyes and her teammates found their cozy spot at the zoology classroom.

    All in all it was one great party, achievement unlocked!


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