Alice Bustos-Orosa

Alice Bustos-Orosa

In recent years, it’s fascinating how motherhood has become celebrated and fashionable for many Hollywood actresses and royal ladies. Look at how European real-life princesses have lately portrayed that one can still look amazing in pregnancy.

Just look at Kate Middleton and little Prince George for starters. Then we have Hollywood it-girls turned moms, like Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelica Jolie, and Katie Holmes, to name a few. Every day, you’d often catch photos of these famous Hollywood moms walking around town in matching attires with their daughters.

In the past, when someone told you that you look like a mother, it was an absolute insult to say the least. People meant then that you probably look as if time had passed you by, or that you’ve simply lost track of the latest fashion trend. And worse, you must look as if you’re wearing your mother’s housedress, which we call daster.

These days, motherhood can be as glamorous as you wish it to be. Now, young moms even proudly show off baby bumps in tight fitting Spandex leggings and even thigh-high shorts. Even more, pregnant women now don even two-piece swimsuits in their later maternity stages.

Even in the local scene, it’s heartening to note many of our young local actresses and style icons who have crossed over to married life still manage to look as fabulously hip as they can. My niece shared with me videos of Cheska Garcia Kramer and her adorable little ones on YouTube. Candid video clips of Cheska and her little girls bantering gained a strong following from her fans.

Then you have cover girls Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and Amanda Griffith who make motherhood seem like a cup of tea. As popular it-girls in their early 20’s, Bianca and Amanda now grace magazine covers with their equally photogenic offspring.

Even Judy Ann Santos has made married life and motherhood quite an appealing life choice. Far from the scandal-ridden showbiz relationships around, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo seem to have figured out how to stay together so far.

Then there’s Carmina Villaroel and her pretty twins who now hug a number of TV and print ads, all reflecting a positive take on family life.

Then too, there have also been lots of young professional and entrepreneurial women, lately featured in lifestyle magazines, sharing their own life stories about the best moments of motherhood and marriage.

It’s fortunate that young women who have made family life a part of their public lives have become admirable role models to look up to. Perhaps every generation has one or two iconic celebrities that redefine what social expectations should be for women in their 20’s to 40’s.

In the past, moving from singlehood, then marriage, and to motherhood often spelled the end of glamour, youth and exuberance for women. Admirably, for modern-day celebrity moms, they have aged beautifully and seem all the better through these life transitions.

Now, these women have managed to prove that one can achieve a sense of work-life balance between being mothers and career girls. With any luck, given these inspiring women around, more young ladies just might become less fearful of marriage and motherhood in the end.


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