After glitch, NASA satellite launch set for Thursday


MIAMI: A technical problem has delayed until Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) the planned launch of a series of NASA satellites designed to study hurricanes, officials said on Monday (Tuesday in Manila). The new, one-hour launch window opens on Wednesday at 8:20 a.m. (1320 GMT), said Orbital ATK, the operator of the Stargazer L-1011 aircraft which deploys the Pegasus XL rocket in mid-flight. On Monday, the Stargazer took off as planned from Cape Canaveral with the rocket attached to its underside, but the in-air launch was foiled by a problem with the hydraulic system that appeared after takeoff. After the problem was discovered, the aircraft returned to the Florida launchpad. Rescheduling to Wednesday “will allow for a replacement L-1011 carrier aircraft component to arrive from Mojave, California, and be installed, as well as support the required crew rest requirements,” said a statement from Orbital ATK.



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