• Global Medical, European center team up for cancer treatment


    Global Medical Technologies Manila has formed a partnership with the Europe-based Research Genetic Cancer Center (RGCC) to provide personalized cancer treatment in the Philippines.

    “Our partnership with RGCC is now in place,” Mitch Genato, group chief executive officer of Global Medical Technologies, said in a press briefing in Pasig last week.

    RGCC Medical Director and CEO Ioannis Papasotiriou said that the first step in cancer therapy is isolating and identifying circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

    “Cancer disease should be considered systematic since day one,” according to Papasotiriou.

    He noted that medical doctors are doing it wrong by assuming that a treatment for one patient is the same treatment for another.

    “Something is wrong with our algorithm… All humans are not identical,” Papasotiriou said.

    “Doctors carry protocol. Doctors in clinical practice have specific mindset – based on assumptions,” he added.

    RGCC is known for its Oncocount, a screening test that gives information on the presence and concentration of circulating tumor cells. It also has the Oncotrace that shows the presence of CTCs, their concentration, and what type of cells they are.

    RGCC also uses Oncotrail that is a tailor-made test for specific types of cancers used for follow-up control on old cancers.

    “We do not care if we need to deal with a single individual with unique features in his body,” Papasotiriou said.

    “We don’t want to treat only the primary but also the secondary,” he added.

    The RGCC Group was established in 2004 by Papasotiriou. It is a global organization working in collaboration with branch offices and distributors to provide worldwide service. It selects collaborators that are well-established.

    According to its website, RGCC is “is a pioneering, innovative organization working in the fields of medical genetics and, in particular, cancer genetics, chemosensitivity and chemo-resistance testing and in Research and Development within the pharmaceutical industry via RGCC Pharma Ltd.”

    Its headquarters is in Switzerland, and RGCC’s brand-new, state-of-the art laboratories are in Northern Greece that are equipped with the most up-to-date technologically advanced and innovative equipment.


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