Globe achieves 100% 3G coverage for network


Globe Telecom said on Tuesday that it has achieved 100 percent 3G coverage for its entire network, providing customers with high-speed wireless Internet for faster data interchange on their mobile devices.

“We [are building]the network for the future to cater to the different needs of our subscribers. [Our network] is now 100 percent 3G,” Ernest Cu, president and chief executive officer of Globe, told reporters.

“The need [of subscribers]is leaning to data content,” he added.

Globe also expects to fully equip its network with the more advanced 4G infrastructure, the HSPA+ technology, by the end of the third quarter, which would further strengthen the company’s capability to provide a wonderful digital lifestyle experience to its growing 43 million customers, as they will be able to enjoy faster data connectivity even as they use bandwidth-intensive multimedia data applications, like video and photography.

“With a 100-percent 3G network, we now have a robust capacity for high-speed mobile data access. Providing our network with full HSPA+ coverage in 90 days will provide an even faster mobile Internet experience. This increases potential for more digital innovation and enhances a wonderful customer experience,” Cu said.

Globe said the combined 3G and 4G infrastructure of Globe Telecom would further drive mobile data explosion in the country amid rising demand for smartphones.

The rollout of both 3G and 4G HSPA+ infrastructure for the entire Globe network forms part of the company’s efforts to deliver the most modern telecommunications infrastructure in the Philippines.

Putting in a brand-new access, transport and core network nationwide, the transformation enhances coverage in major points of convergence and provides a more reliable network, not only for messaging and voice-calls, but especially for fast Internet connection.

Globe’s transformation initiative also enhances in-building coverage in major malls, hotels, hospitals, major highways and airports, further enriching customer experience.

“The benefits of staying connected have never been greater, leading to the growing prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices. People are able to experience high-speed Internet, allowing them to stay connected to their homes and offices anytime and anywhere, making it so much easier for our customers to stay productive even when doing many other things,” Cu said.

To further expand its coverage across the nation, Globe is also building more 3G and 4G cell sites. By the end of the year, Globe Telecom’s total number of cell sites is expected to exceed 6,500.

The company’s modernized telecommunications infrastructure is expected to underpin the subscriber growth moving forward as smartphone penetration becomes more prevalent.

“Our transformation journey does not end with the 3G and 4G technologies. We will continue to improve our network’s infrastructure to accommodate our customers’ fast-paced digital lifestyle needs,” Cu said.


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