• Globe to adopt new VAS system


    GLOBE Telecom is set to move its all value added services (VAS) partners to a new system on March 5 to strengthen the fight against unwarranted load deductions.

    In a statement on Monday, the telco said the move will provide enhanced security measures for Globe users when subscribing to VAS, such as infotexts and other multimedia services including ringtones and wallpapers, among others.

    “This system refresh is a major step to ensure our customers’ protection at every step of their VAS transaction,” Globe General Counsel Froilan Castelo said.

    The system refresh will require consumers to re-enroll and opt-in again to their chosen VAS.

    There will be a three-step verification process: when a Globe user clicks on an online advertisement of VAS providers, he should be redirected to another SMS or a landing page to fully inform the consumer on service or products offered; there should be a text message informing the consumer about the subscription; and, once the code is entered and verified, the consumer will receive ad notification confirming his subscription.

    Globe early this month released a statement stressing it would tighten rules on third-party VAS following a viral Facebook post over load theft.

    The said social media post of a Globe subscriber was referring to VAS provider GotDeals Mobile Inc. The VAS partner apologized to the telco and its customer regarding the loss of load incident.

    Globe said the unknown load deduction happens when a VAS provider circumvents the three-step rule, which results in “automatically enrolling the customers without consent.”

    It is urging consumers to make use of its Load Watch feature to help prepaid mobile customers get real time balance and updates on usage of their load, and to report unwarranted load deductions on VAS services.


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