• Globe Art Gallery features Cordillera artworks


    ‘I Don’t
    Want to
    Grow Up’ by

    Globe Telecom currently showcases Biag, an exhibition of artworks made by Cordillera artists at the Globe Art Gallery, located at the telecommunication company’s headquarters in Bonifacio Global City.

    The exhibition, which will run until June 15, highlights the works of five artists from the Tam-Awan Village, a venue for art and cultural activities in Baguio City that aims to increasing awareness and appreciation of the Cordillera culture and at the same time preserving the region’s heritage.

    “Biag”, meaning life, features five artists namely Mark Tandoyog, Alfonso Dato, Alfred
    Dato, Art Lozano and Herwin Buccat.


    ‘Highland Faces’
    by Art Lozano

    Tandoyog uses life itself as a source of inspiration. His personal travels have had great impact on his artistic development. He considers stories from his mother and father on culture and Igorot roots as inspiration for his art pieces. All the diverse strings around Tandoyog’s life converge in his art. The mix that is his life and the lives of those around him determines mixed media as his most comfortable expression.

    Alfonso Dato has a preference for social realism but does not keep him from producing images and landscapes of Baguio City. Dato views everything from a fresh vintage, by giving his subjects a new spin, he invites viewers to give familiar and ordinary scenes a second look and see the beauty that often eludes them. His works reflects nuance of how he processes events in his immediate environment, and society, in general.


    ‘Walang Hanggang Pagitan’ by Alfonso Dato

    Alfred Dato takes advantage of being an artist to interact with fellow artists, taking every chance to be with people with the same interests and passion to exchange ideas, insights and thoughts. The natural beauty of his surroundings, people and places become his inspiration to create art.

    Arthur Lozano is a painter from Ilocos who infuses the graceful art of dancing into his canvas. Lozano is described to be a “quiet environmentalist” who develops his talent to convey a message. He believes his works can be an instrument to propel the message of saving earth’s pristine beauty. He dreams that his paintings will inspire people to act and take full responsibility in preserving Mother Nature.


    ‘Nasaan Ka’ by Herwin Buccat

    Herwin Buccat, an agricultural engineer from Pangasinan, hopes to enhance awareness on environmental degradation thru his artworks and inspire action towards ecological conservation and protection.


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