• Globe asked to submit ‘fair use’ documents


    The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has mandated Globe Telecom to submit copies of all its agreements with its subscribers on “unlimited data” by Wednesday, after which the commission’s legal bureau would determine if there is a need to penalize the telecommunication company.

    “The legal bureau of NTC will determine the penalty,” said Edgardo Cabarios, NTC deputy commissioner.

    On Thursday last week, the NTC received Globe’s written explanation regarding consumer complaints on its Fair Use Policy (FUP) on its “Unlimited Data Offerings,” saying that the company wants to protect 97 percent of its subscriber base against the 3 percent who take up more than their fair share of its network bandwidth.

    In a letter, Globe had said that, “We enforced the policy for postpaid data plans to protect the data experience of the majority of subscribers who regularly use the network or leisure. The fair use [policy]is being implemented by all telco players not only in the country but also in the most advance economies.

    “The objective of a FUP is to encourage a proper attitude toward the use of unlimited services: ‘unlimited but not finite; unlimited but not absolute; unlimited but not unreasonable; free [to use]but not irresponsible.’ This has been the guiding norm in several advanced countries where telcos have aggressively checked network abuse through a stringent enforcement of their FUPs,” the Ayala-led telecommunication firms said.

    Based on complaints received by NTC on the matter, Globe subscribers alleged that they signed-up and are paying, or had paid, for “unlimited” data service but instead are getting “limited” data service.

    “We will work with NTC closely for the implementation of our Fair Use Policy,” said Yolly Crisanto, head of Corporate Communications of Globe, in a text message to The Manila Times.

    Subscribers alleged that they were being placed on the network with slow data connection once their usage reached a  certain volume of data, like   one gigabyte.

    The NTC had said that, “The subscribers, however, should be informed clearly of said terms, whether prepaid or postpaid.”

    The NTC mandated Globe to submit copies of all its agreements with its subscribers on “unlimited data” so that the agency could thoroughly review the terms stipulated on FUP and pretermination clauses to determine whether the subscribers were informed of the terms of their agreement.

    Globe’s rival, Smart Communications, also has its own FUP.


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    1. Globe Postpaid Subscriber on

      If you are subscribed to the Unlimited LTE Data Plan which basically means that your connection should be at least 30MBPS.

      1MBPS = 1000kbps if I’m not mistaken. Correct me if I’m wrong, network engineers out there.

      But if your speed will be throttled to 2G after using 1GB of data then it defeats the purpose of getting the said subscription. 2G connection is what? Approximately 50-100kbps? which is like 100kbps/30000kbps?

      That is no way close the promised speed. How do you quantify that. In all fairness to us subscribers, we were promised of getting a certain amount of speed and Globe Telecom should meet it as we are also doing our part in paying our bills.

      If they are imposing this kind of rule(FUP) then by all means please give us the liberty to revoke the contract that we have signed. I hope that our voice will be heard.