• Globe Businesss backs SME development


    Globe Business on Friday said that it has partnered with small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) to grow their trade by way of enhancing its current offers through the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business,” which banners a complete range of features and services which could be tailor-fit according to their requirements.

    In a statement, Martha Sazon, Globe Business senior vice president for Small and Medium Enterprises Group, said that the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business focuses on the premise of customization, cost-effectiveness and creating more value for SMEs so that they can effectively roll out their businesses in terms of communications.”

    The plan enables SMEs to create a subscription based on the specific communication needs of their organization—whether they are call-intensive, text-heavy or online-dependent for their commerce.

    The company said that SMEs can have a plan start working for them by choosing one that is suitable for their monthly budget.

    It automatically comes with a consumable value—higher than the actual plan value—which can be converted to call, text, international direct dialing, or surfing credits.

    Globe Business also said that the rest of the monthly consumable can be allocated to avail of the latest gadgets that double as reliable and multi-functional business tools. They come in free or at a discount, in flexible contract periods.

    “Following the winning formula of the ‘Best Ever My Super Plan’ for consumers, we believe that this will translate to the same value offers for our SMEs which are actually more than what they paid for,” Sazon said.


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