Globe cool to threat of any Telstra-San Miguel tie-up


GLOBE Telecoms is keeping a calm and confident stance toward the social media hype about a possible entry of Australian telco, Telstra, in the currently duopolistic telecommunications industry in the Philippines.

“We have been working on our network for 13 years. Do you think they can deliver on day one?” Globe’s President and Chief Executive Officer Ernest Cu said to reporters on the sidelines of a Globe lifestyle event in Makati on Wednesday evening.

Cu, who kept stating rhetorical questions on Globe’s capability to hold on to its stature in the industry, portrayed the company as equipped and ready to compete with a new player in the industry.

“Globe is able to compete with a large incumbent. Do you think Globe can compete with a startup?” he said.

However, Cu noted no formal deal has yet been closed between Telstra and its supposedly prospective local partner, San Miguel Corporation (SMC), everything is just talk—nothing concrete.

“Has there been a deal? So why are we talking about them? I do not get scared of ghosts,” Cu said.

“When it is real that is the time we will play,” he said.

In a recent Investors Day presentation last month, Telstra Chief Executive Officer Andrew Penn was quoted by online news website CNN Philippines as saying that they are about to complete a deal with a very strong partner, referring to SMC.

Social media posts on how incredibly fast Telstra internet will be and how it can possibly surpass the two telecommunications giants have also been trending.

Yolanda Crisanto, senior vice president of Globe, noted, “There’s a lot of customer complaints on Telstra in Australia and it is all over the internet. You just need to Google and it is all there.”

“There is no perfect telco,” she added.

Globe is continuing to improve service for its customers.

“All Globe is doing now is doing what it has been doing best, continuing to gain market share, continuing to gain and maintain innovation in market,” he said.

Cu recognized that any new player that comes in is a threat, but said there is no real threat for now.


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