Globe credits success to happy employees


Globe President and Chief Executive Officer Ernest Cu on Tuesday credited the company’s success to its 6,000 employees that he described as motivated and happy.

“A company can acquire the most modern equipment, technology or the biggest coffers to boast of,” Cu said. “Our key differentiator though is the human asset which pilots the organization to success or failure.”

He said the recent string of achievements were a result of various changes it had undertaken such as digital, commercial, network, information technology and culture, which involved its own people.

The company describes its brand of “winning culture” and “active employee engagement” as “The Globe Way.” Officials claimed “The Globe Way” is key to its success

“The Globe Way” was instituted in 2010 when its market share was at its lowest point.
With a revamped mindset, the company underwent a radical transformation and esprit de corps among employees improved.

Cu said culture is their “clear, competitive advantage” and “The Globe Way” positions their customers front-and-center, its essence embeded among the employees.

Along with shareholders satisfaction, the employees keep the “Circle of Happiness” revolving in constant, perpetual motion, Cu said.

That “innate care” and “love” resulted in 2014 as the highest employee satisfaction rating recorded at 87 percent as attested by global human capital consulting firm Watson-Wyatt, Cu said.

“Superior people, superior relationships, and a superior culture will keep us on top, fueled by the current momentum built on a culture of aggressiveness and innovation,” he said.

“Our people work hard because of their innate love for Globe. Those are the ingredients that brought us to our lofty place in the industry which I believe will keep us up there,” Cu said.


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