Globe gets innovative with cell site set up


Upscale villages are getting more supportive of Globe Telecom’s bid to provide tailor-fit solutions that would significantly enhance con-nectivity in posh villages, amid growing use of bandwidth-inten-sive devices.

Such solutions include the use of outdoor distributed antenna system (ODAS), which makes use of a specialized lamp posts built with radio signal transmission capability, as well as the use of cell sites disguised as palm trees.

“Globe Telecom has undertaken substantial amount of investments in modernizing its network and adopting technologies that would further enhance superior customer experience. Still, community sup-port is vital in the imple-mentation of any network techno-logies. We are grateful that our effort to improve cellular signal in posh villages is generating support from the communities concerned,” said Emmanuel Estrada, Globe head of Network Technologies Strategy.

Exclusive villages that have approved or shown openness in allowing the installation of cell sites within their communities include Dasmariñas, Urdaneta, Bel-Air, San Lorenzo, Forbes Park, among others, Estrada said.

In Dasmariñas Village in Makati, for instance, homeowners allowed the installation of ODAS in the upscale subdivision. The ODAS technology is a network of small cell sites, instead of typical macro cell sites with shared equipment connected through fiber optic links. The solution makes use of a specialized lamp posts with radio signal transmission capability deployed along side-walks.


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