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    Globe, Google team up to help SMEs gain markets


    Globe myBusiness and Google Philippines have teamed up to help small  and  medium-sized  Filipino enterprises  grow through  the  first  Philippine  digital  marketing  convention  for  SMEs dubbed DigPh.

    Globe Digital Advertising (Adspark) Director Bela Gupta D’Souza said DigPh aims to help accelerate digital mobile marketing for SMEs, which is comprise more than 99 percent of registered firms in the country.

    “SMEs despite representing over 95 percent of Filipino enterprises are not equipped with the right marketing tools to make their business grow,” said D’Souza said.

    Globe and Google planned to hold DigPH following results of a research showing overwhelming desire of SMEs to adopt smarter and more affordable marketing strategies to increase sales. DigPH will bring together 350 entrepreneurs on April 22 at the Makati Shangrila Hotel.

    For a typical Filipino SME owner, marketing remains a challenge due to their tight budgets. While digital marketing is a compelling channel to engage customers, many business owners do not know where to start and how to maximize the returns on their investment.

    “We asked SMEs, how they market their business. It’s very common to hear one of the three responses: I just wait for people to show up to my doorstep; I rely on word of mouth; I do basic flyering.”

    “We created DigPH with the mission of empowering and improving SMEs on the use very affordable digital mobile strategies to make their business grow,” D’Souza said.

    Google Philippines Country Manager Ken Lingan said consumer habits have changed and buyers of particular products actually research online before making the purchase.

    “In the past, when you see an ad, you go to the store and buy the product,” Lingan said. “Filipinos are more becoming savvy, becoming more smarter and they use technology.”

    Lingan said a study made by Nielsen, an information and data provider, showed that 50 million Filipinos go online and they grow by about 10 million every month.

    As of January 2015, 49 percent of more than 100 million population is urbanized with 44.2 million active Internet users, 40 million have active social media accounts, 114.6 million have mobile connections or about 114 percent versus the population, and 32 million have active social accounts.

    About 65 percent of the country’s labor force is from SMEs and they contribute 32 percent of the Philippines Gross Domestic Product.


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