• Globe, Manila North Harbour, and Hotel Sogo value CSR


    SIDE by side with the country’s fast-growing economy are increasing number of companies that advocate Corporate Social Responsibility program like Globe Telecom, Manila North Harbour and Sogo Hotel.

    These companies represent Filipinos who are embracing the country to promote generosity to others as well as positive social responsibility in business operations.

    Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR is a corporation’s initiatives to assess and take as compliance to the company’s effects on environmental and social well-being. The term generally applies to efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups.

    According to Brandon Taylor, a writer on CSR, “The state of corporate social responsibility in the Philippines has been estimated as something like “hopeful, but developing.” This general conclusion is drawn from many studies, surveys and interviews with business leaders around the country.

    The Globe Gen 3 objective

    Globe Telecom
    According to the website of Globe Telecom, the best way to create a wonderful world is to come up with relevant and ground-breaking solutions that harness the power of collaboration, information and communications technology. To make these sustainable, Globe creates shared value among its employees, customers and beneficiaries.

    As Globe business continues to grow, Globe contributes to nation-building with an engaged and empowered workforce committed to doing Globe of Good.

    The Philippine Association of National Advertisers says that Globe Telecom leads the way in helping businesses do their share in minimizing environmental impact of electronic waste and countering its harmful effects on health through close collaboration with private corporations.

    The North Port passenger terminal

    Manila North Harbour Port Inc.
    While Manila North Harbour Port Inc. is committed to attain their vision to develop and transform Manila North Harbor into a premier and modern port, the company also values corporate social responsibility.

    According to Richard Barclay, CEO of Manila North Harbour Port, in one of his interviews, “We have dental and medical programs here, a nice clinic, and we go out into the community to participate in tree planting. We often get requests from local councils for support in other work, and it’s very rare for us to say no. We might have to program things, but I can’t think of one instance where we haven’t helped when asked. It’s important to be an integral part of your local community.”

    Hotel Sogo’s Doctors on Wheels

    Hotel Sogo Group
    Meanwhile, Hotel Sogo Group is into various CSR programs under the SOGO Cares program.

    “Hotel Sogo’s social responsibility is geared towards reaching out to build better communities”, said Bae Jennifer Sibug Las, Hotel Sogo’s CSR manager who ensured the success of Adopt-a-Family Christmas Project last 2016.

    Another CSR of Sogo is Doctors On Wheels program. It is a mobile medical bus that focus on providing free consultations and medication to under-served communities throughout the Philipines. The program is staffed by volunteer doctors, social workers, nurses, pharmacists and Hotel Sogo personnel.

    These companies are just some of the corporations in the Philippines that promote and encourage all Filipinos to assist and develop the spirit of genuine concern in the country.



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