Globe plan Q3 rolls out of SingleSON solution


Globe Telecom’s SingleSON solution, which will allow automatic and near-real time diagnostics of its mobile broad bank network, will be completed for commercial roll-out nationwide before the third quarter of 2015.

Emmanuel Estrada, Globe Senior Vice President for Network Technical Group-Technical Services Division, said Singleson solution, which will be completed in the third quarter of 2015, has new features that will enhance customers’ experience.

“The adoption of the SingleSON in the entire Globe network nationwide will empower us to effectively manage a more complex network and deliver on our promise of superior customer experience,” Estrada said.

Globe will deploy SingleSON on its LTE cells as base software and will be the critical solution to integrate 2G, 3G and LTE together and have them work seamlessly across the technologies.

“From the point of view of Globe, it means less resources needed to manage complex networks and delivering a great experience to our customers. With it, network key performance indicators will see significant improvement,” Estrada said.

“We are impressed with the capabilities of the SingleSON, in so far as improving operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency and performance are concerned,” he said.

Explosive growth
Globe said SingleSON will allow the company to continuously deliver a great user experience to manage an increasingly more complex network and will enable it to manage the explosive growth and expansion of mobile data services traffic, which is foreseen to continue in the coming years.

He said the solution effectively covers the entire lifecycle of networks as it is designed for automation to provide efficiency and improve network performance. Its main characteristics in terms of O&M consist of self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing.

It is also capable of supporting equipment from other vendors. It is powered by a SONMaster as the core product and engine, which detects coverage problems and adjusts radio frequency parameters automatically.

“To ensure calls are handled properly, the Globe network is currently managing a total of 1.2 million neighbor relationships to date, which in three years’ time will grow to 2.1 million. The next step is a SingleSON rollout,” Estrada said.


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