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THE Philippines has a 14-percent smart phone penetration rate among Asian countries, according to Smaato Inc., which can be exploited by companies for their advertising programs.

Smaato is the global industry leader in mobile real-time bidding advertising exchange.

With this, Globe Telecom’s wholly owned subsidiary, Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG), is rolling out innovative mobile advertising services in the country.

Most Asian countries have big mobile advertising markets because of the growing number of smart phone and mobile device users, especially in the Philippines. This is one of the reasons why mobile advertising spending in Asia is expected to grow up to $11 billion in three years.

In a statement, Bela Gupta, director of Digital Advertising at EGG, said that, “With the ubiquity of smart phones in the Philippines, we are excited to roll out the most innovative mobile-based promotion in the country.”

She added that, “We believe that through LBAS, business enterprises and brands can extend relevant offers to their target consumers and deliver location-specific promotional ads through their mobile phones in an efficient and effective manner, anytime, anywhere.”

Location-based advertising services, or LBAS is a new type of marketing communication that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services.

Earlier reports showed that Filipinos spend an average of 171 minutes or almost three hours a day using their smart phones, a study conducted by global information and measurement company Nielsen showed.

Nielsen’s Informate Mobile Insights report also said that the Philippines continues to be one of the fastest-growing markets for smart phones in Southeast Asia.

In a separate study, TNS, a customized market research company, said all facets of mobile phone usage that include mobile browsing, social networking, chatting and checking emails dramatically increased in Metro Manila.

Furthermore, Google Philippines also said that seven in 10 Filipino smart phone users never leave home without their device, and 33 percent have spent more time online in the past six months than they did before that period.

Google said recently that the current smart phone penetration rate is now at 39 percent, citing market research firm Ipsos MediaCT’s recent survey on smart phone usage in the Philippines.

The survey said smart phones are affecting consumer behavior, and giving businesses a new window for strategic marketing.

The survey found that a string of activities are most commonly done on smart phones, including social networking and application use, while 87 percent watch their videos from their mobile devices.

A majority of smart phone users were also found to multitask while on mobile, like watching television, reading a magazine, or listening to music while using the Internet on their device.

Searching also stands out in smart phone usage, or a sizeable chunk or 88 percent do research for product or service on their phones. About 63 percent searched on topics such as product information, 53 percent on travel, 49 percent on restaurants and bars, and 38 percent even searched for apartment or housing information.

Mobile advertising
EGG’s rolling out the country’s first mobile advertising service allows small- and medium-scale enterprises and established brands to reach their customers based on their real-time location.

LBAS allows brands to determine potential customers’ real-time location based on their mobile phone signal, and deliver the most relevant promos to them via a text message or mobile voucher.

The company said that besides the ability to target subscribers based on their real-time location, brands may also filter potential customers based on demographic parameters like age and gender.

This targeted and profiled approach minimizes wastage of resources, and can also be used to directly interact with the consumer and learn valuable insights from them, creating more tailored promotions by brands in one location.

Among a number of LBAS’ benefits include instant foot traffic since messages can be delivered to people as close as 200 meters from a venue, and exciting redemption of items and discounts from participating stores which provide superior shopping experience among customers.

Ensuring that the service does not invade privacy of mobile phone owners, only subscribers who are opted-in to LBAS will be reachable. Those who want to avail of the service have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of the service through the Globe’s pre-identified short messaging service gateway, 2338.

EGG has engaged renowned brands such as Plains & Prints, Marks & Spencer, Uniqlo and A-Deals, apart from Globe’s own business groups.

EGG was acquired by Globe in 2008 to enhance its mobile content and reinforce its strong line of new digital services.


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