Globe ready for 911 implementation


Globe Telecom on Thursday said it will comply with the government’s order to provide access to 911 and 8888, the emergency and complaint hotline numbers.

“Globe will be strictly complying with the directives of the government of implementing the hotlines to the public,” said Globe general counsel Froilan Castelo. The hotline numbers will be available beginning August 1 this year.

President Rodrigo Duterte earlier said he wants to put up Direct Hotline 8888, a universal phone number for Filipinos to call for complaints.

Globe has long used the 8888 number as its own customer hotline.

The company, however, said that it will give way to the government request and will use a new hotline number for its more than 57 million customers.

The government gave Globe 30-45 days to transition to a new hotline which can be accessed by SMS and voice.

The 911 hotline will replace Patrol 117 as the Philippines’ national emergency hotline number while the 8888 will be the citizens’ complaint hotline number.

Globe will comply with all directives, including “whether calls to 911 and 8888 will be free of charge or not,” Castelo said.

Earlier reports said the telco firm will charge an additional P5 per call to their subscribers calling the 911 hotline to discourage prank calls.

The charges will remain until the government issues a directive on the guidelines and mechanisms of the program.


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