Globe Telecom embarks on a scheme to treat people right


GLOBE Telecom Inc. is embarking on a purpose-led transformation for a more sustainable organization, the company said in a statement over the weekend.

Globe president & CEO Ernest Cu unveiled the company’s new purpose of ‘Treating people right to create a Globe of Good’ at the Wonderful World of Globe XII event held recently at the Globe Iconic Store in Bonifacio Global City.

Following its network modernization program in 2011, Globe saw unprecedented business growth underpinned by a robust network that has nationwide 3G and 4G coverage. Globe is also aggressively rolling out LTE coverage in major business districts and key commercial areas in the country to give the country first world mobile internet experience.

“Our 60 percent share in mobile data revenues showcases the relevance that we have brought to the industry. We’ve changed the way people consume mobile content in this country because we have made it accessible, affordable and convenient for customers to subscribe to fantastic services. In music, for instance, people are now more inclined to do streaming rather than Torrenting,” said Cu.

“How do we take it to the next step? Early this year, we decided to take on an infinite goal. Reaching a desired market share and beating competition are finite concepts. We have decided to create a new purpose which will redefine Globe in the years to come,” he said.

“How can we treat people right? By giving them wonderful experiences, giving them choices, helping them overcome challenges and solving their problems, making their life easier, helping them enjoy life more, giving them great customer service, treating them the way we want to be treated and helping them make their dreams come true,” he explained.

“For instance, despite all the constraints, Globe continues to strive to provide first world internet in country. This is why the company is undertaking an aggressive expansion of its network infrastructure and capacities using long-idle frequencies such as the 700 megahertz (MHz) band in a bid to significantly improve the internet experience of its customers,” said Cu.

Globe, he said, is maximizing the use of these idle 700 MHz band in fulfillment of its commitment to the National Telecommunications Commission to improve the overall internet experience of its customers.

Globe also began rolling out a capacity expansion program for its corporate data network to address the bandwidth requirement of its enterprise clients as they make use of various data solutions.

In an effort to create an internet superhighway nationwide, Globe also plans to extensively deploy fiber optics to make home broadband experience at par with mobile internet or even better.

To date, the country is facing challenges in delivering fast and reliable wireline internet experience due to lack of fiber connectivity, which in turn is due to right of way and permitting issues with the local government.

Globe hopes to work closely with the government to address these issues in order to jumpstart ICT (information and communications technology) development in the Philippines.

Cu stressed that the company’s new purpose is expected to further enhance the company’s circle of happiness philosophy: that happy and engaged employees deliver wonderful customer experiences and strong business growth for happy shareholders.

He said that when employees are committed to serve customers, this translates to a strong brand experience that people love and connect with.


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  1. This is a joke, surely. We’ve been waiting for them to act on our request to upgrade our broadband plan for more than two weeks now. We filed the request last September 10. Until now, except for a text last September 16 promising to get in touch after 5-7 days, they haven’t gotten back to us.

  2. The customer service experience recently is just nerve wracking. And you can’t talk to them on weekends. How about that for their circle of happiness.

  3. It’s a good mission statement that has been so much wanting in Philippine telecom. I and many people I know take for granted the way companies such as Smart mysteriously “eats” loads from prepaid services. People, specially the poor ones who primarily use prepaid are routinely victimized by these companies which surreptitiously deduct loads without notifying subscribers how that’s going on. NTC don’t seem to care.