Globe Telecom endorses Open API scheme


AYALA-LED Globe Telecom has officially endorsed TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs, which are now being used to enable a range of business scenarios, including internally enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to transform their IT and operational agility to become more customer-centric.

The Open API scheme also enables CSPs to externally deliver a practical approach to co-creation and seamless end-to-end management of complex digital services.

“TM Forum’s Open API program presents a significant step forward in enabling digitally connected ecosystems across the industry,” said Vincent Seet, head of Enterprise Architecture at Globe Telecom.

“We at Globe are delighted to sign the Open API Manifesto demonstrating our commitment to the program and the strategic alignment of this to our business and IT strategy,” Seet added.

He said that the Open API is expected to further enhance the company’s business and IT agility, resulting in better customer experience and improved cost efficiency.

“We’re delighted by the momentum of the Open API program over the past year and rapid commercial adoption of the APIs,” said Nik Willetts, chief executive officer of TM Forum.

“Open APIs are an essential element of digital transformation and enabling rapid growth, and the world’s leading service providers have deployed our Open APIs in over a dozen markets. Strong member collaboration has driven this critical work, and our profound thanks go out to the individuals and companies who have contributed,” Willets said.

TM Forum, the industry association driving digital business transformation of the communications industry, recently marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Open API Manifesto. It also announced significant growth and momentum of its Open API program along with the launch of its Open API Training & Career Certification program and the beta launch of its Open API Conformance Certification program.

To date, 10 of the world’s largest service providers – Axiata, Bharti Airtel, BT, China Mobile, China Unicom, NTT-Group, Orange, Telefónica, Vodafone and Globe Telecom, have officially endorsed TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs and are asking for them in their request for proposals to solution providers. The Open APIs have been deployed in 14 distinct markets to date, with this number expected to grow to 26 by the end of 2017.


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