• Globe urges DICT to end red tape on permits


    AYALA-LED Globe Telecom on Tuesday called on the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to fast-track the signing of an executive order that would cut bureaucratic red tape and improve the telco business environment.

    “Secretary [Rodolfo] Salalima’s proposed executive order to help rationalize the permitting process for telco infrastructure, once in place, would be a respite from the difficulties we encounter in putting up cell sites and right-of-way issues for fiber optic cables,” said Globe General Counsel Froilan Castelo.

    Castelo noted that cutting red tape was also proposed by Globe during the recently concluded Regional Competitiveness Summit, chaired by Guillermo Luz of the National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines, as a key measure to help the sector.

    Castelo said an executive order toward this end would enable telcos to deliver improved internet services.

    Globe issued the statement in responses to Salalima’s call for telcos to provide “good public service” among its customers. Globe said it remains committed to its goal of strengthening the nation through ICT by continuing investments in the sector.

    “It is important for the government to play its role not only as a regulator but also as an enabler of the sector. If put into action, this bodes well with what the public really wants, a better internet experience,” Castelo said.

    Globe will continue to roll out new network capacities using the spectrum assets it gained as a result of the joint buyout of San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) telco assets, he said.

    Castelo also clarified that Globe is not hindering the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) from doing its job.

    This was in reaction to the PCC’s position that PLDT and Globe’s acquisition of SMC’s telco business was “not deemed approved” and still had to be reviewed under Republic Act 10667 or the Philippine Competition Act.

    Castelo stressed that all parties should abide by the provision of Memorandum Circular 16-002 and this includes the PCC, which is expected to uphold its own rules and the Philippine Competition Act.

    “Globe followed to the letter the rules of the PCC, and the same should be appreciated by the PCC,” Castelo added.


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    1. Globe and PLDT should tone down their arrogance in their dealings with the public and government. Their legendary poor and overpriced service do not give them any right to behave like gorillas. They should be penalized left and right for their obsession with profits rather than public service, and more competition should be introduced to cut this duopoly down to size. The deal with SMC should be disapproved and all frequencies returned to the government so that other better telcos can be encouraged to come in and deliver better service at competitive prices. The public has been strangled too long by these two predators and demands relief.