• Gloria Arroyo: Aquino’s trophy prisoner


    (By Yen Makabenta, Opinion, December 26, 2013)
    Pnoy has nothing to forgive; those accusations against her were baseless and should not stand in court. Brillantes was out of his mind to jail GMA just because of political battlecry “12-0? with a dubious criminal witness. And why Concheta Carpio sustains a case against GMA just because of side-comment-approval of GMA on PCSO’s request for intelligence fund. In order to cut-short for the process, Ombudsman Carpio just demand from AMLAC a report if GMA embezzled money from PCSO which the supposed depository bank should have reported to AMLAC. This process should be done to all politicians who were accused of plunder.
    Dods, rama_napoleon@yahoo.com

    But what is there to forgive Arroyo for ? What wrong did Arroyo did to Aquino and his family ? The Hacienda Luisita case ?… Should that be the case I think it should be Arroyo and the Filipino people who should be saying to Aquino and his clan/family ” We forgive you, Noynoy Aquino, but only after you gave back Hacienda Luisita to the tenant farmers, and after you released former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from detention pronto…!
    Edith Gerona, edithgerona@hotmail.com

    If gloria arroyo is accused of a crime that is none bailable then why should she be granted bail Are you stupid. I agree the trial should have happened already but that again is the fault of this country, you dont seem to be able to do anything. Everything here takes forever. Your country needs sorting out. I mean you sort out foreigners where they only have 60 days every year to personaly appear at the immigration & they have to pay, yes your country is good at that. I wish my country would tret you pinoys the same as your country treats me & other foreigners. You would all be screaming racism. A few of my foreign friends have all said the same as me that if we knew then what we know now we wouldnt have sold up & moved here.
    Dustin, peter.king2008@yahoo.co.uk


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    1. Why is the GMA case still in limbo. no case hearing had started. justice delayed is justice denied .