Gloves off for Binay


With Senator Grace Poe’s survey surge to overtake Vice President Jejomar Binay in Pulse Asia’s voters poll, the VP has taken off the gloves. Thus, his resignation from the Cabinet of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

Binay can now attack the administration without feeling awkward in Palace meetings. And with this new critical stance, he and his United Natiionalist Alliance (UNA) party would likely grab more headlines in the coming months.

The heightened media and public attention should lift Binay’s ratings in the future, especially if he overshadows Poe on front pages and prime time. That could well happen if she is constrained from attacking the government in the hope of still getting Aquino’s support.

Any assault on misgovernance will find millions of Filipinos nodding in agreement, especially long-suffering Metro Rail Transit commuters, law enforcers angry over the Mamasapano massacre of police commandos, Yolanda victims still awaiting rehabilitation, Mindanaoans fearing the Bangsamoro agreement and bill, and other disgruntled sectors.

Attacking the LP will lift the VP
Lambasting the Liberal Party-led administration would also help blunt the LP’s campaign charging Binay with massive corruption as Makati mayor. Just as Aquino’s assault on the past administration makes people think he is clean, Binay’s criticism of current excesses would project him positively.

And there is plenty of sleaze to hit, from the worst smuggling in Philippine history, and the trebling of pork barrel since 2011, to the malversation-ridden Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), and controversial transactions at the Departments of Transportation, Defense, Agriculture, and other agencies.

Not to mention pork barrel anomalies implicating administration lawmakers, now kept under wraps by Secretaries Florencio Abad of Budget and Leila de Lima of Justice. In sum, Binay, still the most trusted top official in Pulse Asia’s poll, would strike many chords among Filipinos, potentially increasing voter support.

Binay would also begin advocating portions of his envisioned platform of government, shifting public and media attention away from Makati anomalies to national concerns. Filipinos would be interested in measures to restore MRT efficiency and safety, address government underspending, better manage disputes with China, and forge a constitutionally valid pact with Muslim rebels.

Other concerns demanding better governance are the legally mandated but yet undone creation of a billion-peso disaster agency like America’s Federal Emergency Management Administration; and the delay-plagued public-private partnership infrastructure program.

Plus the inefficiency and hampered outlays due to dozens of unfilled high-level positions; criticism from state auditors over the P40-billion-a-year conditional cash transfer stipends for the poor; and the growing sense among the destitute that rapid economic growth isn’t benefiting them.

If Aquino and his allies ignore the opposition’s criticism and proposed initiatives, and keep attacking Binay’s Makati record, they run the risk of seeming to put politicking over burning concerns affecting tens of millions of ordinary Filipinos. But if the administration addresses issues raised by the VP, that deflects its campaign to villify him.

The challenge for Poe
What about new survey topnotcher Grace Poe? As noted earlier, she could be hamstrung in matching Binay’s headline-grabbing attacks on the administration, whose backing she seeks.

More problematic, when media asks her views on opposition criticism of the administration, she may defend it and come across as an apologist for its mistakes. Or Poe could avoid comment and seem like a novice lacking in governance knowledge — the very weakness Binay had raised obliquely about her.

And if the popular senator turns adversarial toward Aquino, especially if he picks Secretary Mar Roxas as LP standard bearer after the State of the Nation Address a month from now, then Poe would seem to be just copying Binay, whose fiscalizing would have been rolling out for several weeks by then.

As for her governance platform, Poe and her advisers would have to do some fast thinking to match Binay’s programs, which his seasoned experts may well have been crafting since he announced presidential plans years ago. In a talk with this newspaper last year, the VP discussed policy options for a wide range of national concerns.

If she does not have her own well-thought-out initiatives to impress press and public, Poe could face the criticism that undercut support for her late adoptive father Fernando Poe Jr., when he could not discuss governance in the 2004 elections and got testy over media’s repeated badgering for policy statements.

That failure to explain his programs did much to turn FPJ’s 10-percentage-point survey lead in January of that year into a 7-point deficit in the last opinion poll before the May voting. That final spread was equivalent to 2 million more voters preferring then President Gloria Arroyo a fortnight before elections, helped by Iglesia Ni Cristo and El Shaddai backing. She eventually won by 1 million votes, half her final survey lead.

The coming maneuvering
LP diehards hoping to sink Binay with more illicit allegations may be hard-pressed to find anything big enough to dwarf administration irregularities like Aquino’s P150-billion DAP malversation, his tripling of pork barrel to over P20 billion a year, the five-fold leap in contraband to $19 billion annually, based on International Monetary Fund trade data; the P200 billion in revenue lost to smuggling, as the President himself admitted in his 2013 SONA; and the $30-million bribe solicitation in MRT bidding reported by Czech company Inekon.

Faced with poll defeat and graft charges under a Binay presidency, the administration could still try to arrest him. But if his ratings rise, even the Sandiganbayan may balk at crossing someone who could become the next president.

Indeed, most congressmen probably are, as tipped by Speaker Feliciano Belmonte’s admission long ago that a Binay impeachment would not happen. If the VP regains and maintains top survey position, then politicians of every stripe could shift, especially those wary of future corruption cases. Maybe even Aquino.


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  1. eugenio w castillo on

    Worldly minds give sinful answers. They don’t mind the blatant sins of VP Binay and family. They criticized a Sen. with a clean hands and mindful of the poor of this nation. Their mind is purpose only on what they will gain from the wickedness of their patron. But for me I will vote for her with a clean conscience and glorious intention for the Filipino people.

  2. Nothing but an ordinary opportunist of a senator…

    suddenly becoming ambitious when faked surveys show her in the lead…has she forgotten her campaign promise to serve a 6-year term as senator who has not had anything delivered, or to show for accomplishment, only to run again, after just two years…

    the way she has started to talk lately disappoints me…just another TRAPO lang pala…

  3. Can’t support political dynasties.

    Binay needs to make a statement that if he wins he will support the 1987 Constitution and his family will resign from the senate and house of rep’s and get rid of the other dynasties.

    84% of the Senate belong to political dynasties.
    90% of the House belong to political dynasties.

    Binay needs to overhaul the Justice Dept and declare that all the Pork barrel and Dap fund thieves will be prosecuted.

    Binay needs to declare that the government will stop using the public’s tax money for their reelection campaigns.

    Binay needs to declare that the people responsible for the deaths of the SAF 44 will be proscecuted even if it is the current president.

    Last but not least have the government seize all the assets from anyone found to have stolen or misused the taxpayers money, Put their families on the street let them see what real life is like for the poor.

    If he did those 5 things he would be a huge improvement over Aquino.

    • Manny Alintana on

      Even if he do only 10% of each of your proposals, he will still end up much better than Pnoy.

    • Also, approve the funding request of the judiciary to improve their services and expedite the decision of cases by building more court rooms, hiring more judges and staff.

  4. The more this survey created politician talks, it becomes more obvious how shallow she is.
    This is good , and just like the maka-masa drama of Manuel Araneta Roxas, she is obviously less cerebral than co-Senators Legarda and Pia Cayetano !!
    A dwarf compared to Maid Miriam .

  5. Vic PenetranteVic on

    “Offer solutions!” Aquino often said. As a cabinet member, Binay was silent, thankful of Aquino’s graces and supportive of the administration, unlike the elder Guingona who immediately rebuked Arroyo’s administration when appointed VP.

    • Manny Alintana on

      “Offer solutions!” Aquino often said. Ultimate hypocricy.
      Marunong bang makinig si Pnoy?

  6. Johnny Ramos on

    It is still VP Binay the man to beat in next year Presidential derby. Grace Poe will never make it because of nationalism and patriotism.

  7. Masisisi,ba ninyo ang masa kung ito lang ang pangalan kilala nila at iboto? Ito lang ang isinusubo at itinatatak sa utak ng tao!ito ay gawa ng media lalo na ang networks at kapag muling pumalpak wala ibang sisisihin kung hindi ang masa! Nasaan ang konsensya ninyo!

  8. if grace poe is asked what’s the biggest problems the filipinos are facing now, i hope she does not reply: almusal, tanghalian at hapunan (ALTANGHAP). that was the answer of FPJ when he was asked by the late max soliven when FPJ ran for the 2004 presidential election. and grace was kind of amused and proud in youtube when she recalled it. proud because FPJ was so direct and sincere with his answers to questions.

    Grace should tell us what is her platform of government and how she intends to accomplish it.