GM Sadorra notches crucial win in Asian Continental Chess


Filipino Grandmaster (GM) Julio Catalino Sadorra posted a crucial seventh-round win to barge into the third spot in the 2017 Asian Continental Chess Championships being held in Chengdu, China.

Sadorra stamped his class over GM Wen Yang of China to raise his score to five points in the nine-round Swiss System tournament sanctioned by the International Chess Federation and Asian Chess Federation.

He is sharing the No. 3 position with six other players including top seed Yu Yangyi of China, fifth seed Gujrathi Vidit Santosh of India and ninth seed Panayappan Sethuraman who also scored five points each.

The other five-pointers are GM Bai Jinshi of China, GM Rinat Jumabayev of Kazakhstan and GM Baskaran Adhiban of India.

Chinese GMs Wang Hao and Bu Xiangzhi are sharing the lead with 5.5 points apiece. Wang and Yu spilt the point in their seventh-round game while Bu clobbered GM Chithambaram Aravindh of India in the other seventh-round match.

GM John Paul Gomez settled for a draw with FM Chen Fan of China to improve his score to 3.5 points for 28th spot while International Master (IM) Paulo Bersamina and GM Jayson Gonzales scored contrasting results to join the group of three-pointers.

Bersamina succumbed to IM Xu Xiangyu of China while Gonzales agreed to a draw with GM Al Rakib Mollah Abdullah of Bangladesh.

In the eighth round, Sadorra takes on Adhiban, Gomez faces untitled Zhang Ziji of China, Bersamina meets GM Mollah Abdullah Al Rakib of Bangladesh and Gonzales goes up against IM Yusup Atabayev of Turkmenistan.

The other interesting eighth-round games are Wang versus Hao, Sethurman versus Yu and Santosh versus Bai.

In the women’s division, Woman FIDE Master (WFM) Shania Mae Mendoza has 3.5 points for 23rd spot while Woman Grandmaster Janelle Mae Frayna got three points for 37th place after seven rounds.

Mendoza blasted Woman International Master Gong Qianyun of Singapore and Frayna trounced WFM Doan Thi Van Anh of Vietnam.



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