• GMA’s maltreatment by Aquino horribly violates of rule of law


    On R. Tiglao’s column “The facts on Arroyo’s cases” (Monday Jan. 3, 2014): I am especially upset by the Aquino administration’s apparent intent to let Arroyo rot in jail without benefit of trial. This is a horrible violation of the rule of law. The denial of bail should make the convening of a trial of particular urgency because the accused is being denied her freedom. But the powers that be obviously don’t care. As you demonstrate, the case against her is weak to nonexistent. What’s important is that she’s locked up—indefinitely.

    Carl H. Zimmerman



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    1. Do you know that the average filipino actually believes that GMA was already convicted and is serving her prison term in the hosp? I usually instigate conversations on GMA’s detention with my neighbor barbero, jeepney driver, and veggies vendor. I am not making this up. They actually believe that GMA is already a convict, and are surprised to find out that there hasn’t even been a trial yet. Well, except maybe in mass media. Lol.

    2. hindi si Pnoy ang naglilitis sa mga crooks kundi ang taong bayan. 80% ay ayon pa rin sa side niya. di ibalaik ninyo si GMA, marcoses, iboto si binay’s at huwag ng kasuhan sina enrile,revilla, estrada…..kung base lang sa hearsay ang mga kaso nila….
      anong say mo ramon

    3. If the government has a strong case against President Arroyo – definitely they will hear the case in court.

      The thing is – the government knows that the case is weak; hence no charges are filed/heard just to keep her in jail.

      Revenge and vindictiveness of President BS Aquino.

      What “Comes around goes around”. Let us see what will happen to him when he is no
      longer the President. The Aquino’s will never be in power forever. Two more years, be patient people. This is the very reason why they want to destroy all the opposition presidential timbers to make sure that will not get elected comes 2016 elections. They fooled the people once – not all the time.

      President Marcos during Martial Law was not as vindictive as this administration.

    4. You’d think a victim of injustice would not think of doing this to another. Now, he is just as evil as his father’s tormentor…at least, Marcos’ act was politically motivated. This is personally and financially motivated. It’s all because of the hacienda, which in the first place do not belong to them.

    5. joebert banderas on

      kung ang corrupt hindi paparusahan lalong dumadami corrupt may maraming kaso si gma dahil sa corruption kung mapa walang sala cya di makalabas cya

    6. felix servidad on

      That’s exactly what Pnoy wants, to locked up GMA in jail until the end of his term. In fairness to Pnoy, he did tried GMA by media through abs-cbn as they presented multiple hearsay evidence, and found GMA guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    7. Once a trial is held and she is found not guilty, how does one make up for the 3 years she was detained…? Pnoy’s no-having any string evidence is so obvious now, that’s why a trial can not be begun….