Go green this Christmas with ‘Gift Tree’ cards

The festive and colorful designs of ‘Animalaya’ cards

The festive and colorful designs of ‘Animalaya’ cards

Traffic is  on stand still and the malls are filled with angry shoppers. It is definitely that time of year again.

To avoid having to wrestle with motorists and mallers, Haribon suggests a gift that is easy to get, but will make a lasting impression on your loved ones.

By donating just P300 to the organization, you can adopt a tree in someone’s name with a special card that represents the gift you both end up giving together.

Part of the donation fee will go to maintenance of the seedlings. After seedlings have been planted, people’s organization in the planting site will continue to maintain and nurture the seedling by removing weeds and vines—the elements that compete for nutrition—for three years. According to studies, trees, which can survive the three-year period, will have 87 to 93 percent of survival.

Make someone smile with this birthday card with a cause

Make someone smile with this birthday card with a cause

The public can choose from a wide variety of cards via Haribon’s “Give a Gift Tree” program. Comprised of physical cards called “Animalaya Cards” or even digital E-Cards that you can send to anyone in the world, this Give a Gift Tree program offers no-hassle, easy-to-give gifts that also give back.

Monitoring of donated trees are a breeze as well, as we send out monitoring reports twice a year (every June and December) to update donors of the mortality rate of their tree and the height of their seedlings.

Not just any kind of trees are adopted
Each card represents “native trees,” trees that are more adaptive to the forest being restored. They have a greater chance of survival than “fast growing” exotic trees, and aside from reviving the life support system of forest, they also ensure the flourishing of native plants and animals. Through the Rainforest Organizations and Advocates (ROAD) to 2020 campaign, native trees like narra (Pterocarpus indicus), kamagong (Diospyrus philippinensis), molave (Vitex parviflora), and more are planted in the country. But we need more people to support the cause, which is where the Give a Gift Tree program comes into play.

Perfect holiday green gift for loved ones

Perfect holiday green gift for loved ones

Give a Gift Tree today
Gift Tree ideas include wedding favors, holiday cards, graduations, fundraisers for your school or organization, corporate promotions, Earth Day celebrations, birthday cards, baby shower cards… any and all occasions.

Give the cards to all of your loved ones with one simple action this year: planting more life-giving forests with the Haribon Foundation.

Simply visit bit.ly/giveatree, or call +63 2 421-1213 to give your own Gift Tree. Make this holiday a special one for everyone, without the hassle. Give a Gift Tree or two today.


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