• Go, Lions!



    It’s safe to show affected outrage at alleged extrajudicial killings inside a ritzy mall where four pieces of siomai probably cost half an arm and half a leg while at the same time cheering for your favorite Atenista or La Sallista basketball player.

    The Blues from the Ateneo de Manila University and the Greens from the De La Salle University, many of whose students drive flashy cars to school and are served hand and foot by yayas (nannies) on their way to their classrooms, were at this shopping and entertainment mecca by the Manila Bay last October 2 to join a so-called Black Sunday protest against the alleged summary executions under the Duterte administration.

    A basketball arena is a wrong choice of a venue to accuse whoever of cold-blooded murders because a basketball arena is for basketball and occasionally, in the case of the SM Mall of Asia, volleyball.

    It was the right one, however, for an armchair mass action because it was air-conditioned and apparently territory protected from “bad elements” like the alleged executioners of supposedly hapless victims of police brutality a la DDS.

    The more appropriate battleground for the “Black Sunday” to-do was Welcome Rotonda, Mendiola Bridge or Plaza Miranda but you can bet your Katipunan or Taft Avenue accent if the boys and girls and alumni from Ateneo or La Salle would brave the alikabok and the amoy of any of these traditional assembly points for militant as well as moderate activists.

    No Virginia, they would not, unless they want the Daddy of a lawyer and the Mommy of a banker to suffer a heart attack while dining at Rockwell.

    But the tibak, they would, because they came from the low-and middle-income groups that are not strangers to stinking canals and rotting garbage in these parts.

    Had the sitting President not been a Bedan, last Sunday’s protesters would not have trooped to the seaside mall but since Rodrigo Duterte is a Red Lion, he was fair game.

    When the immediate past administration was led by an Atenista, not a squeak was heard for the Blues and their Green friends and relations about the Mamasapano Massacre.

    When the sainted one was the President and at least two massacres allegedly perpetrated by state armed forces took place during her watch, did we hear anything from these “advocates” of human-rights?

    Nada, because they did not want to rock the Jesuit or La Sallian boat, in the same way that they are tight-lipped on Georgetown’s past as an Ivy League university that bought and sold slaves.

    Mix sports and politics and you ruin the enjoyment of a basketball game, or any game for that matter.

    Sadly, the Black Sunday concoction was made by the president of the Ateneo de Manila University and the vice president of De La Salle University.

    As in the olden days, what the frayle or the Kano says, goes.

    Also, sadly, for the “instigators,” it was reported that not too many heeded the separate calls of Ateneo president Jett Villarin and La Salle vice president Michael Broughton.

    Is black the new blue or the new green?

    But sports should be color-blind.

    Let the old fogeys in the NSAs and the POC be the politicians-cum-sports honchos that they are.

    Let the old fogeys in the NSAs and the POC be the politicians-cum-sports honchoies that they are.


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