• ‘Go withdrew P20 million’

    MYSTERY DEEPENS William So Go testifies on the second day of the Senate inquiry into the laundering of stolen money. RCBC Jupiter Branch bank manager Maia Deguito listen to the proceedings on Thursday. At left is Maria Celia Fernandez-Estavillo, head of RCBC’s legal department.

    MYSTERY DEEPENS William So Go testifies on the second day of the Senate inquiry into the laundering of stolen money. RCBC Jupiter Branch bank manager Maia Deguito listen to the proceedings on Thursday. At left is Maria Celia Fernandez-Estavillo, head of RCBC’s legal department.

    IT was businessman William So Go who signed the withdrawal slip for the P20 million taken from his account at the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) Jupiter Branch in Makati City (Metro Manila), a former senior customer relations officer of the bank said on Thursday.

    Angela Torres, who also served as the assistant of RCBC Jupiter Branch manager Maia Deguito, added that she was among those who handed the P20 million cash to Go, who was waiting inside his car parked near the bank on February 5, 2016.

    “May withdrawal slip, may pirma ni William Go. May approval ni Miss Deguito. Kaming dalawa po ang nagbilang, di po siya pumunta sa teller, [there was a withdrawal slip, with the signature of William Go. It was approved by Miss Deguito. We counted the money, he did not go to the teller],” Torres said in a radio interview aired over dzMM.

    Torres’ statement contradicted the testimony of Romualdo Agarrado of the Jupiter Branch that the money was irregularly withdrawn from Go’s account by Deguito.

    Torres admitted knowing Agarrado, saying it was he who received the P20 million when it was delivered to their branch on February 5 at 5:30 p.m.

    She also denied Agarrado’s claim that the cash was placed inside a paper bag and was loaded into Deguito’s car, noting that the money was placed inside a box after they counted it on Agarrado’s table.

    Torres said she saw Go’s vehicle, a gray Lexus, but she was not able to get the license plate because it was already dark.

    Go, who was seated on the passenger side, rolled down his car windows when he saw Torres approaching.

    Torres insisted that she recognized Go because she was the one who assisted him when he went to their branch.

    At the resumption of the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing on the laundering of $81 million stolen from the Bangladesh Bank in the country, Agarrado said he was the head of customer service of RCBC Jupiter Branch when the transaction happened.

    He told senators that at 5:23 p.m., an armored car from RCBC business center delivered to their branch P20 million reportedly upon the request of Torres, who was also the assistant of Deguito.

    The amount, Agarrado said, was withdrawn from the account of Go’s Centurytex Trading.

    The money was loaded onto Deguito’s car by Jovie Morales, the bank’s messenger.

    Several minutes later, Deguito left supposedly to deliver the money somewhere.

    Agarrado said that on the same day, he, Deguito, Torres, Morales and reserve officer Adrian Yujuico had a meeting at the latter’s house in Forbes Park in Makati City.

    According to him, it was Deguito who did most of the talking.

    He said he cannot remember all the details but that Deguito told them that she already had four lawyers and one of them is an expert on anti-money laundering.

    It was also during that meeting when Deguito asked him if he knows how much will be his retirement pay.

    “Kasya na ba sa iyo ang P5 million (Is P5 million enough for you)?” Agarrado quoted Deguito.

    On March 5, Agarrado texted Deguito to convince her to tell the truth but the latter replied that she was not in hiding and that she was telling the truth. That, he told the senators, was his last communication with Deguito.


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    1. Kung may daang matuwid kung meron, bank secrecy law should be destroyed and all kinds of business should be included in the AMLA

    2. What happened to the case of Wang Bo? These Chinese are making life hard for Filipinos! I remember Marcos execute by firing squad a Chinese drug dealer at the start of martial law. Let’s get hold of these Chinese criminals involved in the $81 million theft.Let’s give them what is due them.

    3. There’s so many brains involved behind this money laundering scenario. He said she said, who knows who is telling the truth. When it come to money (big time), there is no law that will prevent them to do so or they say it is illegal. Poor victim……

    4. pelagio lansang on

      it’s about time for the lawmakers to implement death penalty in our country for those who committed crime.

    5. A 20 million pesos withdrawal! Late in the Afternoon! In any bank, will a branch manager have such an authority to release such big amount of cash of money without approval from higher level. There is certainly a chain of command!

      Again, the money cash came from a different branch! Who in that branch got the authority to transfer P20 million to another branch!?! Oops! Wait! it’s afternoon! the armoured truck delivery arrived after five to the Jupiter Branch!! Wouldn’t that bank somehow will say delivery should be done on the next day! take account traffic!!! This along came to my mind and find it peculiar that such sequence can be done by branch manager level!!!! Who will use to spend 20 million pesos cash???? So good luck to the truth! Hehehe!

    6. Baka Election related ang perang yan… Campaign donation mula SA banyagang bansa para SA isang banyagang kandidato..

    7. There’s really a conspiracy among the the top officers of RCBC, AMLC, Go and others..Dequito is their sacrificial lamb..

      • Basta Intsik iba sasabihin sa gagawin. Mga Chinoy, marami dyan sa Binondo gagawa ng katarantaduhan pag nahuli ituturo ang pinoy na sa tingin nila alalalay , utusan at escape goat nila. Kaya nga dyan tinayo ang Binondo Central Bank noon para sa mga black market at smugling activities nila. Kakaibiganin ka muna, tatanyahin kung may talento kang magagamit nila saka ka gagamitin at pag nahuli ikaw ang escape goat nila..Mag obserba ka dyan sa Binondo ngayon sa labas RCBC at Phil ReM.

    8. I believe Sen. Guingona that this is a CONSPIRACY and the likes of Pres. JFK and Sen. BSA, Jr. assassinations was very hard to probe as high government officials were the ones involved, that up to this time, is still a theory that was never proven.
      This time the CONSPIRACY, I believe, involve from top to bottom officials of the bank where they are trying cover-up and to pin down the fault to the lowest officials, the Chinese crime and hackers syndicate as pointed by Sen. Recto and maybe even officials of AMLC.
      This Senate investigation to probe the money laundering will take years or even decades until go to the graves and forgotten.

    9. Torres and Deguito are both in collusion . RCBC will be filing criminal case on both of them. Per auditors, the signature in Go withdrawal slip is fake. The signature was sent to a signature verifying company and they stated that the signature is faked. The payment stop order was received by RCBC branch and Deguito early Tuesday morning but was disregarded by Deguito and by later afternoon, all the monies are gone. Note to Deguito, this robbery was planned for almost a year. There is a God that is in control. You destroyed your family , your co conspirator , the bank. If you were able to leave, there is a possibity that this is perfect crime. You will go to jail for a long time like Napoles. No amount of money can save you going to jail. You destroyed your family, your child and husband for a bunch of money you cannot spent and enjoy.

      • Manolito A. Ventura on

        Sa isang bangko, may limit ang pwedeng iapprove ng Branch Mgr. Sa laki ng amount involved sa kaso ng RCBC, opinyon ko may mas mataas na opisyal na sangkot dito na siya nag approve sa napakalaki amount ng transaksyon. Lalabas niyan na FALL GUY lang si Dequito.

      • Who are you to judge Deguito? It looks you are working with Go. Shut up your mouth and go to hell.

      • Junior Buang on

        You know? You’re a stupid idiot. Wag magpanggap kung di naiintindihan ang storya. Manahimik ka na lang, wag na magmarunong. Kumain ka na lang ng kamote sa isang tabi.Tonto.

      • Boot strap bill on

        This is so House of Cards!

        An opinion forms and one untraceable commenter plants an opposing idea. A for the effort!

        You sound so convincing saying Torres and Deguito are in collusion.

        But in the spirit of what you’re trying to do… Agarrado might be just as much in collusion with Go as what you just tried to “Inception” on all of us.

    10. My earlier assumption that a Chinese syndicate is involved in this case is true and must be identified and stop at all cost. This is by far the biggest threat to our country’s banking system.