God in the workplace, why not?


■ Growing up, I knew I had the talent for business. But I wanted to understand what this gift was for – what was I to do with it? I knew we didn’t live to work or that life was just all about profit. That’s what got me on the journey of asking the hard questions.

■ To live a life of integrity means not living a bifurcated life. You can’t say this is how I am at work, and this is how I am at home. It’s a totality.

■ Your convictions are always going to be tested, but that’s what makes life challenging and leads to interesting conversations with other people…your kids. Those are the types of conversations you should be having.

■ The paradox of choice. If you have more choices, it’s supposed to be good. But sometimes, that’s not necessarily so. Having all these choices, you could feel frozen and unable to decide how you really want to live in the context of that perfect life. Because of the media blitz, I notice that this is happening more often.


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