Goethe-Institut’s new mystery film series


Among Goethe-Institut Philippinen’s many programs in the country is a permanent movie screening dubbed the Wednesday Movie Nights. It features a wide range of German movies in English subtitles of various themes and issues. Admissions to the screenings are free and open to everybody.

For the next set of films, the Goethe-Institut is kicking-off a thriller series right after the Holy Week. Called the “The Dreileben Trilogy,” the series will show that nothing beats a good mystery. Excitement, drama, and intrigue capture the mind and riddle the senses with an unsolved puzzle, an unanswered question, or an undiscovered secret. Through the crimes and their eventual resolution, this genre brings out a contrast of the darkest of passions and the brightest of minds.

The trilogy of crime thrillers is a result of the cooperation among three of the most renowned German directors today, namely Christian Petzold, Dominik Graf and Christoph Hochhäusler.

Each movie is directed differently, and tells its own independent story, but the films still have the same basis, and each tells a tale that will bring out the sleuth in you, and leave you wondering if you can discover the truth before the dynamic cast of characters can.

On April 8, catch the first of the trilogy, Dreileben—Etwas Besseres als den Tod (Beats being dead). In this film, a sexual offender escapes from a hospital. His escape and the police’s hectic search serve as a background to the love story between Johannes, a boy from a rich home undertaking his civilian service, and Ana, a pretty girl from Bosnia.

Then, continue the mysterious ride on April April 15 with Dreileben—Komm mir nicht nach (Don’t Follow Me Around). This time, a a sexual offender is loitering somewhere in the Thuringian forest. Police psychologist Johanna is sent to Dreileben to assist in the case.

Finally on April 22, watch the Dreileben—Eine Minute Dunkel (One minute of darkness) about Frank Molesch, convicted of murder, uses an opportunity to escape. He takes refuge in the forest. The awareness that he has become fair game changes him. The police combine all their technology and manpower to capture the fugitive.

The screenings will take place every 6 p.m. at the fourth floor, Room 3 of Goethe-Institut Philippinen. For more information, visit For inquiries, e-mail:


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