• Going solo on Valentine’s Day

    Single on Valentine’s? As they say, you’re only going to fall in love with the right person if you love yourself first. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    Single on Valentine’s? As they say, you’re only going to fall in love with the right person if you love yourself first. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t as dreadful as it sounds. Spending an entire evening with someone you don’t know (i.e. the blind date), or someone you don’t like at all (i.e. the “for-the-sake-of it” date), can be more disastrous.

    So when February 14 goes full swing tomorrow, don’t sob and sulk because it will be your chance to spend it with the person you should learn to love the most: yourself. As they say, you’re only going to fall in love with the right person if you love yourself first.

    Make that promise for next year, but in the meantime, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2014 going fabulously solo.

    Pamper yourself
    Recently had your heart broken? And just in time for Valentine’s Day as well? Take it all out on a sky’s-the-limit shopping spree or have every single service at the spa. Either way, splurging on you at this point sounds way better than spending for an expensive dinner or useless heart-shaped gifts, right?

    If you want to do both by hitting a single parking space, head out to the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, whose new East Wing is a shopaholic’s haven, as well as the newest home of The Spa Wellness.

    Opened on January 28, The Spa offers a “complete wellness and relaxation experience,” according to executive officer Judy Ang.

    “We want to provide an escape—like a secret garden that is accessible to our clients in area. We want to make them feel like modern royals who can relax and be pampered after a hard day’s work, or for those who doesn’t want to go too far,” she added.

    The Spa’s menu includes massage and body treatments; the Barre3 revolutionary exercise that “combines the grace of the ballet, the wisdom of yoga;” pilates at the wellness center;” and treatments for a wide range of skin problems at the Skin Dermatology and Laser Center.

    But for those who would rather laze around the house after a good massage, home service is also another option, where you can choose your own scents, light candles all around, and have a bottle of bubbly waiting as a grand finale.

    Explore the unknown
    One way to fully know yourself is to get out of your comfort zone. Being single is a great time for reflection and self-discovery.

    For city dwellers, a two-hour drive or bus ride to an unknown province near Metro Manila can do wonders for the soul. Places like Pampanga, Zambales or Bataan are just a few destinations one can easily explore.

    For those who may not have time to take a long, solo trip, museums and famous landmarks may also be an option to consider. When was the last time you went to the National Museum or Rizal Park? V-day may just be the perfect day to breathe in a different air.

    Places like the Ocean Park in Manila may also help relax the mind.

    Go solo with other solos
    One fact remains true: you are not alone in being alone, even on Valentine’s Day. There are other singles out there contemplating how to spend their Friday Hearts’ Day alone. Why not reach out to another single friend, or an officemate, or cousin? Go out and dine like the rest of them and have a good laugh spotting the cheesiest Valentine scenes in the resto.

    If you like to party, and your other solo friends can hit the clubs for afters, and may–be—just maybe—you might just meet an interesting “solo.”

    And by the way, there are also a good number of “anti-Valentines” events held around the metro, such as the “Love Stinks, Let’s Drink” party at Planet Grapes, in McKinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Better yet, get creative and organize your own singles party!

    A date with the box
    With new TV series premiering left and right, you won’t run out of show’s to watch this season. The trick is to keep your eyes glued on the boob tube, and Valentine’s Day is simply going to pass.

    Aside from TV series, there are local, international, and even independent films available (even downloadable) online. User-generated sites and major television network sites host popular movies and shows on the web that completely free for you to watch and enjoy.

    Of course, what’s a movie marathon without your favorite indulgence—be it a 12-inch pizza and a bottle of wine yourself, or a bar (or two) of your favorite ice cream bar. Lucky for you, Magnum just launched the new Magnum Gold on February 9, which is readily available in groceries and convenience stores now, not to mention SM Cinemas (if you want a big movie night).

    Hollywood director Bryan Singer directed a golden cinematic trailer starring Oscar winner Benicio del Torro and Brazilian supermodel Caroline Correa to introduce Magnum Gold to the market—a luscious blend of silky vanilla ice cream and sea salt caramel, coated with thick cracking golden Belgian chocolate!

    ‘It’s just another day’
    So what if it’s Valentine’s Day? Treat February 14 as you would any other day and don’t dwell on the fact that you’re single. Not only are you saving your pocket from prices that will ironically give you heart attack just to say “I love you,” but you’re also moving on.

    Focus your attention on your backlog of work; in cleaning and de-cluttering your place; or simply getting back to that really good book. Do the things that you couldn’t do when you had someone else in your life who demanded your time and attention.

    Being single isn’t a curse; in fact, it could be the best thing that can happen to you right here, right now. Make this Valentine’s Day all about you—it’s all the love you need for now.


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